Report: Apple to release 3G iPhone in Spain in May 2008

SevenClick has spoken with one of the main managers of Telefonica, asking about Apple’s iPhone.

Telefonica is the second largest corporation in Spain. It owns Telefonica de España which is the largest fixed phone and ADSL operator in Spain, Telefonica Moviles the largest mobile phone operator in Spain (under the movistar brand) and Terra Networks, S.A. an internet subsidiary.

According to the report, Apple is asking 30% revenue sharing with Telefonica to distribute iPhone in Spain.

Telefonica expects Apple to launch and release a 3G iPhone version in Spain in May 2008.

More in the full article here.


  1. This is one Chorizo who has not done his homework!

    If keeping his gob shut is an impossible task, perhaps finding out that he has blown the deal by blabbing to the media will teach him the lesson he missed by not doing his homework.

    It should come as no surprise if Apple inc. do the deal with one of their seemingly smaller rivals, who would almost overnight become the largest mobile operator with the iphone in their stable.

    Cingular serves as a good example!!

  2. This is a non news item! the so & so has recieved a backhander from M$ to affect Apples sales over the festive season.

    The fact of the matter is, any company that is in negotiations with Apple inc. have to sign a non disclosure agreement before they even know what it is Apple want to talk to them about.

    Remember the O2’s CEO in the UK? If you don’t, go to MDN’s archives and read what he wrote about his experience negotiating with Apple inc.

  3. Some guy working for seven weeks in a website blog company in Rhode Island, told me Apple is coming out with a completely NEW version of the iPhone that is 3G just for Rhode Island!


    You don’t believe Apple would come out with a custom phone just for Rhode Island?

    Then why would they for Spain?

    Shame on Mac Daily “News” for publishing a spoof that came from one tech guy that’s been working for a blog website that started 8 weeks abog.

    What a joke.

  4. Re WBrasington:

    “You don’t believe Apple would come out with a custom phone just for Rhode Island? Then why would they for Spain?”

    First of all, maybe the fact that Spain has about 40 times the pop of Rhode Island would be an argument, you US-centric buffoon! Second, who says a 3G iPhone would be ONLY for Spain, you unimaginative dolt? Third, I wouldn’t bet my Cuba Libre on Apple releasing a 3G iPhone in may …

    MDN word Indeed, as in now if they did, indeed …

  5. 3G processors… so old school.

    I bought a 3G the a 4G and yes the Mac 5G from IBM.
    But the Intel duo is way better.

    Why the heck is iPhone plan to use a 3G processor?

    yes I am kidding G3 not 3G

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