Optional registration now available for MacDailyNews & iPodDailyNews [UPDATED]

As requested by many of our “regulars,” optional registration is now available for MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews.

What does this mean? Those who register get to reserve their own username that nobody else will be able to use (sorry, spoofers). So, get your name while it lasts! First come, first served. Those who wish to post without registering can continue to do so with whatever name they’d like, but the lack of a “star” symbol after their name denotes that they are not registered.

Directly under “Add Your Feedback” below, you’ll see two new self-explanatory links, “Register” and “Login.”

Register with a real, working email address, so you can receive our confirmation email and be able to click the link contained within to activate your registration. In other words: fake email addresses aren’t going to work.

After you’ve done the quick registration, just login with your username and password and you won’t even need to enter the famous “MDN Magic Word!” You can even choose to “Auto-login on future visits.”

Registration is quick and easy, requiring only the following:
• Username (Must be at least 4 characters long)
• Password (Must be at least 5 characters long)
• Screen Name (Can be 1 or more characters long)
• Email Address (Must to be a real address)
• Agree to the Terms of Service

Entering a URL is optional (actual use TBD in future upgrades)

Whether you decide to register and lock up your very own unique name or not, reader feedback is still open to everyone. Enjoy!

MacDailyNews Note: Bear with us while we work on your suggestions and fix some lingering issues. Thank you for your patience. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

We will leave this article at the top of the home page for awhile, so that everyone can get a chance to see it.

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