Tired of your Mac OS X Leopard Dock?  Change it!

LeopardDocks.com is a free website that lets you upload your Apple Mac OS X Leopard Dock designs and/or download the Dock(s) of your choosing.

Make your Leopard Dock look like a chain link fence, diamond plate metal, ice, marble, glass, a pirate map, and more!

LeopardDocks.com also features the free “ChangeDock” Mac OS X Dock changing application for those who’d rather not mess around inside the Dock Package or launch the Terminal.

Visit LeopardDocks here.

MacDailyNews Take: We do miss our transparent Dock from Tiger. We must admit that the first thing we did to Leopard’s dock (on day one) was change the indicators for running apps into solid black triangles. You know, so you can see them. It’s helpful. You can do that – and crazier things – via LeopardDocks.com

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