Apple blasts Microsoft’s Windows Vista in new ‘Get a Mac’ television ads

Just when we were starting to think they’d forgotten about them, Apple has posted three new “Get a Mac” television ads:

• Podium: In which PC exhorts the sufferers, “Don’t give up on Vista!”

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• Boxer: Some people just want a computer that’s simple and intuitive, that works they way they do. The ring announcer’s closing quote is an instant classic, “Actually, my brother-in-law just got a Mac and loves it!”

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• PR Lady: PC hires PR lady to smooth over Vista disappointment and downplay Mac OS X Leopard in effort to ward off switchers.

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Apple’s “Get a Mac” Webpages are here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macaday” for the heads up.]


  1. I saw Vista for the first time, 2 weeks ago – and Wow! is right!!!
    The visuals are amazing, honestly, only problem, the experience is perfect for 90’s video gaming, extremely annoying for ‘getting things done’. What were they thinking? The Vista desktop – is like a digital pinball game — you spend the first 15 minutes looking for the little ball and some flippers.

  2. @MacRaven

    These are the type of ads that get people’s attention and gets them talking. Commercials that show off the OS itself would be completely ignored by the majority of consumers.

    I’m glad Apple isn’t showing off the new Leopard desktop. The really interesting parts of Leopard aren’t the visual aspects. The rest would just sound like “me too” statements to most consumers. These ads stand apart from that.

  3. @Reclaimer: you should have told your PC ladyfriend that it was like you saying that ‘she looked like Kate Moss because she has eyelashes..’

    You have to laugh when people say Vista is Mac-like..

    Hot PR and Boxer are gems. But as I can’t get Skype to work at the moment I feel a bit of the Vista incompatibility issue myself..

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  5. Apple does a Three Stooges bit with these. Slap across the face… a mallet whack to the head and a good poke in the eyes.

    Showing Leopard (or even Jaguar) features really wouldn’t do much. Like those car ads that rattle through a bunch of specs… who cares, it’s just another look alike silver car… zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    These ads get people thinking, with a laugh, which is what good advertising should do. At this point I’d guess that just about every computer user… Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, whatever… have heard Vista horror stories… as if we forgot all those XP horror stories from BEFORE Vista. So, there’s context that people can relate to. I know several switchers who decided enough was enough and the thought of wrestling with Vista was TOO MUCH! So, they switched to Macs.

    Microsoft is GIVING Apple ammunition… MS keeps XP on store shelves, Dell sells XP loaded machines, etc., etc., etc..

    Then there’s iPod and iPhone 24/7 everywhere you look.
    These are good days to be Mac users!

  6. Man, you guys are pretty sad if a middle-aged woman in a grey business suit talking about PC’s is getting you hot and bothered.

    You need to stop refreshing the pages in this forum and get out more.

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