Report: Apple iPhone sales top 100,000 units in UK’s first weekend; The Register screams ‘flop’

“Sales of the new iPhone are believed to have topped 100,000 in just over TWO DAYS,” Charles Rae reports for The Sun. “Analysts say Apple could sell a whopping 500,000 of the £269 gizmos by Christmas.”

“A spokeswoman for Carphone Warehouse said: ‘We are really pleased.’ …An O2 spokesman said: ‘We don’t have official figures yet, but sales are more than exceeding our expectations,'” Rae reports.

Full article here.

Nicholas Christian reports for Scotland on Sunday, “Gadget fever showed no sign of abating across the UK yesterday as customers continued to queue to snap up the new Apple iPhone [on Saturday].”

“At the height of the frenzy on Friday night, iPhones were flying off the shelves at the rate of 4.2 per second,” Christian reports.

“A spokesman for O2… said yesterday: ‘We don’t have any official collated figures yet, but what we can say is that the sales are more than exceeding our expectations, and our expectations were pretty high,” Christian reports.

Full article here.

Stephen Hayward reports for The Sunday Mirror, “As many as 70,000 of the £269 must-have gadgets were expected to be sold over the weekend as Apple, O2 and Carphone warehouse stores stayed open longer to cope with the demand.”

“More than 400,000 are expected to be sold in Britain in the run up to Christmas and 10million worldwide in 2008,” Hayward reports.

“An O2 spokesman said: ‘Demand has exceeded our expectations and we believe it will be the fastest selling mobile ever. We’ve hundreds of thousands of devices to sell and we are extremely happy with how things have gone,'” Hayward reports.

Full article here.

According to The Register’s Andrew Orlowski, Apple iPhone’s first night in the UK was a “flop,” presumably by combining a few scattered reports of lightly-attended locations (we had those in the U.S., too, Andrew; at AT&T stores the first night), seasoning the concoction with speculation, adding a pinch of unfounded rumor – hold the facts! – then baking the whole thing up in a nice yellow font and serving it in a garbage can.

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

The Register, seemingly in an effort to obliterate any suggestion of objectivity on their part, also provides a handy little online service to replace the name “iPhone” with any other term of your choosing throughout The Register’s pages, although – even more ridiculously (if that’s possible) – it only works on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mr Skills” for the heads up.]


  1. The Register is generally pretty good but since Apple banned them from press events they randomly write anti-Apple articles. Usually without any reason or their usual sense of humour.

  2. Good old MDN, you never let us down when it comes to misrepresenting perceived “anti Apple” material. I have never heard of the Register, but a site that has a headline that says “Biting the hand that feeds IT” should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. If you had bothered to read on to page 2 of the article you would have seen that comments about the phone itself are quite favourable, as are other articles on the website. In addition, there is even an article critical of Steve Ballmer. I’m surprised MDN hasn’t put this one up as proof that Monkey Boy is Satan’s spawn and what clever chaps these Register people are.

    There’s nothing like good objective coverage of Apple, and in true MDN spin, this snipe at the Register was nothing like good objective coverage of Apple. I hate to break it to you snivelling ass lickers, but Steve Jobs does not come here daily to tell himself what terrific people those MDN types are. He doesn’t even know who you are. But keep up the spin anyway. Some readers here lap it up.

  3. Steve

    Page 2 your kidding right. So your saying the fact that they don’t get to anything good till the second page. Do you know how many folks just read the front page of a story. The fact your not giving any weight is very telling on your part. Once done you then degrade into cheap parting shots. I guess your just another cock crowing to crow, nothing really to say but wanting to be heard.

    Good luck with that!

  4. The Register is the greatest tech publication in English in the entire world and since the 1990s has stood for integrity and puncturing hype and FUD. It is not printed so it seems odd that someone could use it line any birdcages unless they were printing it out first, which is daft.

  5. @Speedy. Thanks for your (not you’re) good luck wishes. They are really much very appreciated. I would allow my comments of appreciation to spill over onto a second page, but I’m worried you would not read that far.

    @John C. If I were referring to the job belonging to someone called Steve you would be correct. Unfortunately, it simply happens to be my name. I think my parents smoked too much during the 60s.

  6. It’s just Andrew Orlowski doing what he does. He has had a long running beef with Apple, because of the apparent lack of them listening to his ideas on piles. He is most probably the ‘Ian in Southampton’ he quotes on page 2. He is one of these writers that quotes himself as evidence.

    Tony Smith on the other hand is quite a level headed writer for the Reg, and not anti-apple by default.

    MW: Home

  7. Only the diehard apple fan would break a sweat to part with his or hers hard errand cash for technology that’s been around for a number of years, more over the restrictive networking and contract terms are just fuelling the trade in hacked Iphones . Apple have given us nothing we didn’t already have and o2 something we don’t want . Nether evolutionary or revolutionary lets hope they get it right next time

  8. Orlowski likes many Apple products but HATES Apple (the company). I can’t remember back far enough to remember a time when he didn’t misconstrue information and facts to make Apple look bad. When there are no facts that can be misinterpreted he’s been making negative things up about Apple. He’s been doing this for many years, LONG, LONG before Apple stopped inviting them to any press events.

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