Apple MacBook, iMac screens too glossy? Apply inexpensive non-glare film

If you find the display of your new iMac or MacBook display too glossy and reflective, you might consider applying non-glare LCD protective film from Photodon.

Non-glare film eliminates the glossy, reflective surface that many of today’s displays have without noticeable loss of resolution. These films apply over the surface of your existing screen and adhere with a silicone resin over the entire screen surface. The adhesion layer is exposed by removing a protective backing liner. These films do not become a permanent part of the screen and can be removed, if necessary at a later date without damage to your screen, but they are not something you would take on and off on a daily basis. These films protect your original screen surface from damage from ink pens, fingerprints and are a good idea for screens that are in public use such as in schools or libraries. The films can be cleaned with regular screen cleaner products.

The benefits of this type of non-glare LCD film are:
• Silicone resin adhesion – No residue from glue or paste
• No color tint
• Direct impact protection, thicker than most films at up to .009″ / 0.2 mm
• H3 – Hard coat finish does not easily scratch
• Operation temperature: -30°C to 75°C (-22°F to 167°F)
• Good protection from the elements, fingerprints, ink pens, stylus use etc.

iMac films are custom cut to cover the entire screen up to the frame with 1/2″ rounded corners and an opening for the camera lens, top center.

• 13″ MacBook – US$9.95
• 20″ iMac – $28.50
• 24″ iMac – $34.25
(Quantity discounts start with the second item ordered.)

Photodon has most standard sizes precut and will custom cut films up to approximately 42″ diagonal dimension.

More info here.


  1. After worrying about the “glossy screen issue” — I went ahead anyway and bought an iMac 24″ a couple months ago. I love it and have never once even noticed a single reflection of any kind. I just made sure to position it pointing away from windows and lamps. Photos are just stunning, like a large glossy photograph. But this non-glare film looks like a good idea for sketchier locations.

  2. Ok, seriously. I really dont get what the deal with the whole glossy screens is on the Macbooks. I love my screen, a major improvement over the G4 days.

    I mean, you can get glare, but you have a different solution…you tilt your screen!

    I can see what the fuss is with the iMacs…you cant always just move it….

  3. This is nothing but adver-spam.

    CRT screens were reflective for 40 years. The new glossy screens pop far better than matte. I have no issues with glassy screens, and prefer them to the washed-out matte screens (like my last powerbook had).

    Each to their own.

  4. People who keep saying they can deal with glossy screens because of CRT screens would accept Apple’s decision to abandon DVD and go back to CD Rom. They’ll say “Floopy disks were used and we could live with it”.

    Face it, Apple made a mistake.

    Not by offering glossy screens, but by NOT offering matte option.

  5. A very small part (that happens to include myself) of the dislike of the glossy is the color accuracy for photo/video work. Not a huge problem if a second display is available, but not having a choice kinda sucks too.

    That being said, I still want one.

  6. I prefer the matte screen on my MBP than to glossy. However, my opinion could be in err. I spend 8 hours a day on this thing and have never had a problem with a matte screen. Glossy is too new for me to venture out to. Glossy looks pretty, but also looks pretty annoying if I spent too much time looking at it, IMO. Anyone have experience with this?

  7. Dear Ron,

    Thanks for the rhyme; quite improved my morning.

    Reflections are a bit of an issue on my MBP, but I still luurve the screen more than the old matte one. What I really want is a glossy screen that doesn’t reflect ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Ron’s rhyme —
    I like glossy,
    matte is too mossy,
    Bitch all you like,
    I don’t give a tossy.

  8. have an imac g3 233 rev b, glossy crt, an imac core duo, matte screen, and a macbook core 2 duo, glossy screen, as well as a mac mini intel, with a dell 17″ crt. the dell sucks the worst. i like the imac for WoW, the macbook for surfing, and the imac 233 for photoshop, believe it or not!

  9. So, what happens after this film has been on your mac screen for 6 month to a year?

    Are you able to remove the film or do you have to throw your mac away as you cant remove it?

    Tell you what, someone buy this film and report back here in 6 months – THEN I will buy this film!

    I will let someone else ruin their hardware before I buy this stuff.

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