RUMOR: New Apple MacBook tomorrow?

“According to sources, the wheels are in motion for Apple to deliver new MacBook updates as early as this Tuesday. While an exact date has been hard to determine, MacBook updates are expected within the next week, with evidence pointing to Tuesday,” arn reports for Mac Rumors.

“This confirms previous rumors from ThinkSecret that Apple would introduce a new MacBook by ‘the first half of November,'” arn reports.

Full article here.


  1. The MacBook update shouldn’t be anything earth-shattering – I’m not sure it will be a “new MacBook”, more likely an updated one.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath regarding the mini. The latest version came out fairly recently.

  2. Well, if that would be true, then there is a 24h Oportunity to get a iPod AND a new MacBook (Special offer includes 30th of October)… I don’t belief so, perhaps after the iPod-Special-Offer-Action, and that doesn’t necessarily mean: Tomorrow ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    About the X3100:
    I would be very lucky to have this Videochip inside, but why should Apple do so? This would reduce the span between MacBook Pro and MacBook significantly.

    I belief, that the Drivers are for the MacMini. A MacMini with a more advanced Grafic-Chip wouldn’t be a concurent for the iMac.

    Just my 2cent ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. “… by the first half of November”.
    Don’t know about the Apple Store near you, but the three near me are doing great business based on the Leopard release. What would another release so soon bring to the table? OK, two weeks from tomorrow … things will have settled down after Leopard but not yet started revving up for the holidays. Not that the latter is a major concern, just something to consider.

  4. Yepp, I know this shop. But it shouldn’t be rated to high. They could think like “There are rumors about new MacBooks… Time to get the “old” ones away”. makes such special offers every day, with different things, I don’t belief, they have insider-infos.

    Topic X3100:
    Ok, just found my mistake, I thought MBPro comes only with a 8400, but was wrong, it comes with a 8600. And so there is a significant difference.

    According to Dave, I think that Apple first wants Leopard to be the hype, so why kick the cat from the top of the pyramid so soon?

  5. Considering OS X is engineering more and more of its work via the video cards, Apple should be committed to supplying whichever cards are considered the best in the appropriate price levels of Macs. That goes for VRAM as well. It’s not just the CPU.

  6. boop, patience, that may come tomorrow as well. Personally, I think Apple didn’t want to release X.4.11 with Leopard. Plus, being the final Tiger release, I’d rather wait for them to get it right as I have a couple of machines that can’t be upgraded to Leopard and this will be there last “major” update besides security issues.

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