BBC: Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine and Quick Look alone worth upgrading

“Apple unleased the latest incarnation of its Mac OS X operating system, called Leopard, on Friday, boasting 300 new features,” Darren Waters reports for BBC News. “But is it worth trading in your Tiger for a new big cat?”

“A new operating system is often more about anticipation than delivery. There are so many new features that a typical user will never think about, let alone use,” Waters reports. “The key question is: Will it change the way I use my computer for the better?”

“Leopard is a solid release which will please most Mac users without radically altering how they use their machine. For die-hard Mac fans it also does enough to distinguish itself from Microsoft’s Vista,” Waters reports.

MacDailyNews Take: As in, “it’s not a chrome -plated turd for which you waited 5+ years.”

Waters reports, “The introduction of Time Machine and Quick Look alone does enough to warrant the purchase.”

Full article, in which Waters states (like a true MDN’er, “many applications seem snappier,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Marcus” for the heads up.]


  1. Well, aside from they typical font issues that arrive and a horrendous experience launch MS Word (I have to have it for clients), where it told me about 50 percent of my fonts were “corrupt”, I am quite happy with Leopard and astounded by the quick look feature, especially when using spotliight.

  2. Rancher has probably been making those poor little fonts go and play with the sheep in the vista so he can watch through the windows again.

    My own Leopard update has worked fine except for a nasty problem trying to install Server on a Powermac Dual G5 where all I get is runaway fans. I know, maybe rancher scared the fans away cos they did not want to get corrupted like the fonts !!!

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  3. Time machine is incredible. Leopard is outstanding. Much snappier than Tiger on my aluminum iMac.
    Interestingly, it took about 47 minutes to install (upgrade) Leopard on my iMac and only 22 minutes to do the same thing on my DP G5. Go figure… perhaps it had something to do with the amount of files on one machine vs the other? who knows.
    All I know is that I am really diggin’ Leopard!

  4. Time Machine for sure . . . i almost lost 2000 pictures last night (including wedding pics) because of some sloppy copying by me . . . i panicked for a bit, then went to Time Machine and within minutes, i had all them all back again.

  5. @jack
    same thing happened to me, default option of upgrading screwed up mail (losing all the preference panes).. tried archive and install, which turned my (only) admin account into a non-admin standard account.
    Solution: Thank goodness for SuperDuper and cloned drives! Clean install followed by migration of user account from the superduper backup and all has been fine since..

  6. What, no kneejerk abuse of the BBC?

    Surely, for the sake of consistency, we should have someone posting that you can’t trust anything the BBC says because it’s in league with terrorists.

  7. Those young fonts seem so innocent until they are seen hanging around with the older fonts like Garamond. You see them out behind the school smoking pot, and as Uncle Walter says, the next thing you know they’ll be shooting up heroin.


  8. Darren Waters is an arsehole.

    Look at the coverage he gave Vista when that launched – the BBC mob wet themselves in their excitement.

    And here he thinks it’s just the odd lot called Mac faithful who will see Leopard as being better than Vista.



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