Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard drivers hint at upcoming Santa Rosa-based MacBooks, Mac mini

“Apple may have tipped its hand and revealed a near-term update to its 13-inch MacBooks and potentially its Mac minis, based on files discovered inside Mac OS X Leopard’s system folders,” MacNN reports.

“The company has included a full set of recent drivers for Intel’s GMA X3100 integrated graphics chipset, which is only built into the semiconductor firm’s mainboards for notebooks based on the Santa Rosa platform,” MacNN reports.

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  1. I would not put any trust in the report mainly because of the implied assumption that Apple used Intel’s notebook main boards. As Apple designs their own stuff, the fact that Intel has only grouped this GMA X3100 with Santa Rosa based CPU’s is not relevant.

    On the other hand Apple are about due to update a number of lines in the first half of ’08 so who knows. This might just be advance prep.

  2. I want to stick a mini to the back of my HDTV, so a new Santa Rosa based unit should do quite nicely.

    THAT wired to my Airport Extreme and a big hard drive will beat the pants off an TV!

    Seriously, what’s one extra ethernet cable when there are HDMI, composite and audio cables streaming out of my TV now? It’s only a few feet away and ethernet is faster!

  3. Mac mini with 23″ monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse = $1,827

    iMac with 24″ monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse = $1,849

    The iMac has bigger hard drive, better graphics, bigger screen, but you can get the mini without that glossy, reflective screen.

    Macworld Jan ’08 – a matte iMac??

  4. And a “pro-sumer” Mac desktop, the so called “Missing Mac” should go for $999 well configured, plus one’s choice of display. It’s such a no brainer, I don’t understand why Apple won’t release such a box.

    I know such a price point is viable, because I built a Shuttle along these lines two years ago for around $800 with *two* hard drives. All one needs is an Apple designed motherboard and a copy of Leopard.

  5. Leopard changing FrontRow to look more like aTV suggests both that the MacMini may still remain a good home cinema unit, and that the interface will continue to be updated.

    A black MacMini with a decent HD-capable graphics chip and optional USB-based Blue-Ray drive would be good.

  6. The Mini is a good deal if you already have a good monitor, IMHO. If not, the iMac is a better deal for the money at today’s processor speeds. However, in a few years, when processor speeds have increased dramatically, the Mini can be replaced, and the monitor kept.

  7. Hey now!

    My new iMac makes every PC look like a relic.

    It fits in with any decor and the screen (a Mac with 20″ screen for $1200!!) is utterly beautiful.

    My question is, why can Apple not do something in the middle. It’s either some honking great 52 lb tower or it’s smaller than a hardcover copy of ‘The Book of Virtues’ by William Bennett.

    There’s no middle ground.

    A mid range $899 mini tower (without the laptop components *please*) with knockout design and some cool, evocative name.
    Something that doesn’t look like a toy, but competes with the plethora (hey, I actually spelled that right!) of short-stop computers out there.

    Like you peter, there are many who don’t want an all-in-one.

  8. I’m dreaming of a Mac Mini replacement – a Newton-like device with 8.4″ touchscreen, minimum 64GB solid state system drive, Bluetooth / WiFi, all the standard + A/V connections, Core 2 Duo performance plus an eSATA port for coupling to a new, matching storage device that holds two 3.5″ drives configurable in a Type 1 RAID format. Leopard software includes all the basics, e.g. remote control, AirTunes, and new lite server functions that enable account and directory based permissions. This would be my dream server and a nice set top box as well.

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