Google offers IMAP for Gmail, Apple iPhone support

“Google has finally begun offering IMAP access for users of its free email service. The company on Tuesday offered instructions on how users can enable IMAP access on their accounts, allowing users to organize email into folders, save drafts, and access sent mail from multiple clients,” MacNN reports.

“The Mountain View-based company has [also] posted instructions on using the new IMAP features on Apple’s [iPhone],” MacNN reports.

“The documentation notes that Gmail’s IMAP service supports SSL for both incoming (i.e. browsing) and outgoing mail; however it is unclear whether the service currently supports the Blackberry-like ‘push’-style email, which notifies users upon receipt of any email. Currently, only Yahoo! Mail supports ‘push’ email notifications to the iPhone (rather than periodic/timed checking),” MacNN reports.

Full article with links here.


  1. If you can’t see the setting for IMAP, change your language in your settings to English (US) and voila!

    Just did it to my account and it’s working like a charm ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Thanks Google! Wanted this for a while…

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