ITN to offer free, ad-supported news via Apple’s iTunes Store

ITN’s latest news and information will soon be available to download onto Apple iPods.

“ITN is to make a range of its news and entertainment programming available for free over Apple’s iTunes Store,” Mark Sweney reports for The Guardian.

“Under the deal ITN, which will provide the same content customised for its ITN Mobile service, will provide the clips for free by running a short “pre-roll” ad ahead of each download,” Sweney reports.

“BMW has been confirmed as the first advertiser to run a campaign, handled by technology company Ad Infuse, around ITN’s new iTunes content,” Sweney reports.

“ITN will provide a range of UK, world, sports, show business and business news, with content including cinema-goers’ guide Movie Buff and Hollywood A-List,” Sweney reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: ITN News audio-only podcasts are available via Apple’s iTunes Store here.


  1. I used to watch ITN news in the US a few years ago and really liked their coverage(and their hot anchor!). However, some sort of deal with Star or Rupert Murdoch(or something) changed their broadcast availability in the US.

  2. This is a significant deal for UK users in terms of available content. More interestingly i think it will put added pressure on the BBC over their iPlayer fiasco and their shoddy treatment of non windowz users

  3. @lucas.

    Here is some info from ITN from their “about us” page.
    Which took me all of ten seconds to find under a ITN search on Google, I bet there is a lengthy disposition of ITN on WIKI, but I don’t actually care either, so I couldn’t be arsed to put a link in for you … Whoops.

    ITN is one of the world’s leading news and multimedia content companies. We create and supply content for a range of platforms from TV to radio to mobile. Our ambition is to innovate, to meet the needs of existing and new customers, always delivering excellence.

    ITN is made up of 5 key businesses – ITN News, ITN Source, ITN ON, ITN Consulting and our factual production businesses of ITN Factual and Visual Voodoo.

    ITN is based in central London, with bureaux and offices in Washington, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Jerusalem, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, New York, LA, Beijng and Sydney.

    Is there anything else you need? … Cup of coffee, shades drawn, a cure for heart disease … your pillow plumped up

    Just holler.

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