Apple files for iPhone design trademark protection

“On October 18, the US Patent & Trademark Office published two of Apple’s iPhone Design Trademark applications [respectively] numbered 77303256 and 77303282,” Neo reports for MacNN.

“In both applications, Apple has filed for iPhone design trademark protection under International Class 009 which is detailed below. Apple’s design trademark applications were accompanied by an unprecedented number of evidence specimens, numbering more than 170. Most of the evidence presented consisted of newspaper headline and/or cartoon PDF’s,” Neo reports.

Full article, with images, here.


  1. This is a tough one. One one hand, Apple has a tremendous headstart, but brazen mimicry is insulting.

    I always hope their innovation will inspire completely different expressions of such, different in an equally stimulating way.

    But it’s always easier to follow.

  2. @ January 24, 1984: Why is it tough? What’s on the other hand? Why shouldn’t Apple trademark the heck out of the iPhone case design, home screen, icons, and everything else they can?

    Much of this is what makes the iPhone an iPhone — underneath it’s just some chips wired together with a screen and a battery, much like every other phone out there. It’s the software and Apple’s superior industrial design that makes it what it is, and I think Apple should patent and trademark every little bit of it.

  3. I wonder if Apple inc will invent a patent stitcher? A gadget that records ones creation from start to end and then validates unique features which can then be submitted for patent protection.

    If they do, I would like to be paid for prior ideas and concept, also contact me for further discussion on the way forward with this.

    Yours Sincerely

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