What fruit will Apple’s newly-open iPhone, iPod touch bear?

“Steve Jobs has a message for techies, one they’ve been waiting for since June. Apple wants to let developers design software for the iPhone and iPhone Touch [sic: means “iPod touch”], and it’ll offer a platform for doing just that in February,” Rachel Rosmarin and Andy Greenberg report for Forbes.

“In February, Apple will give developers the potential to make software that consumers have been clamoring for. Apple will also give the device utility that could help it compete effectively with devices from Research in Motion, Palm and Motorola,” Rosmarin and Greenberg report.

“For instance, depending on the openness of Apple’s ‘software development kit,’ programmers could find a way to make the iPhone send and receive e-mail using Microsoft’s Outlook and Exchange server. This type of fast ‘push’ e-mail has limited the iPhone’s foray into corporate buying lists,” Rosmarin and Greenberg report.

“What other applications do would-be iPhone owners want? Many want more games, but most want more communications software, including chat applications like AOL’s AIM. Others would like to run a version of eBay’s Skype so they can place voice calls using the iPhone’s wi-fi without using up minutes belonging to cellular plans with AT&T, the exclusive iPhone carrier,” Rosmarin and Greenberg report.

“It is possible that Apple will insist on approving all software, and limiting sanctioned distribution to an Apple-owned Web site, much like the company already does for software for Macintosh computers and operating system widgets,” Rosmarin and Greenberg report.

MacDailyNews Take: Actually that concept would be much like how Apple currently handles iPod games via iTunes Store; Mac software and Dashboard Widgets can be created and distributed by anybody.

Rosmarin and Greenberg continue, “The company is bound to place limits on the freedom it eventually gives developers, but to hear directly from Jobs that he’s excited to place independent creations on his beloved gadget has delighted Apple enthusiasts.”

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  1. Video conferencing over EDGE. Now that would cool. LOL

    Anyway, I would like the iPhone to have iChat or Adium built in and ability to transfer files. MS Exchange solution would be nice so that the BB, Treo and Nokias will have nothing to use for ammo on the iPhone.

  2. Zune Tang never fails to amuse again, DirectX or lack of has never been a problem nor will it be.

    Just look at how many developers, like Electronic Arts, Asphyr for instance that are porting over many of the biggest titles to the Mac and of course in some cases adding features that only the superior Mac OS can offer.

    Besides if all I wanted to do is play games all day and everyday I’d buy a Windows box, after all Windows IS a games OS and therefore a toy!

    I will be buying the iPhone around November 13, its actual release date is set for the 9th as I am in the UK.

    Especially considering that us Macheads will have ZFS with Leopard by end of month, where’s ZFS in the 5 year old Vista?

    The correct Microsoft tagline: Your Frustration. Our Fault.

  3. I can’t imagine what brainstorming meetings are like at Microsoft these days.
    New ideas (i.e. working products) are coming out of Cupertino so fast that their copiers must be smoking by now. iPod Nano, iPhones, iPod touch, DRM-free tracks, Leopard, Leopard server, iLife, iWork, 200 Apple stores, etc. etc.
    Then the ominous rumors of 16gig iPhones, macTablet computers, iPhone SDKs.

    If Apple could grab a few big corporate customers, this whole thing would snowball in a Cupertino minute.

    This will be the best year for Apple ever!

  4. I picked up the 8 GB iPod touch on Saturday. This thing is amazing! I love being to lie down in bed and surf the Internet. I was delightfully surprised that Safari was able to open Word, Excel, and PDF documents that were attached to some e-mail. Can’t wait for new apps!

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