Thurrott: Apple’s Leopard is ‘fifth minor revision’ to Mac OS X

“Plagued by delays and missing any of the exciting ‘secret’ features promised a year ago, Apple’s next-generation Mac OS X operating system, codenamed Leopard, will be released to the public on October 26, the company announced. Leopard is the fifth minor revision to the company’s OS X system, and it is shipping almost exactly a year after Windows Vista, an OS that Apple incessantly ridiculed for its tardiness,” Paul Thurrott reports for Windows IT Pro.

“Yep, reality really is distorted in Cupertino,” Thurrott writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Then, in a strange twist, Thurrott, with some actual credence, details Apple’s over-the-top “300+ new features” marketing spiel. We agree with Thurrott on that one. “300+ features” might be technically correct if you stretch it, but it’s pure (and typically Apple) marketing overkill nonetheless. Apple doesn’t need to do it and they should stop doing it. It hurts, not helps, like bad marketing always does.

See Mac OS X Leopard’s features via here.

Now, Thurrott, of course, knows that just the single fact that ZFS is part of Leopard (and set to become even more important going forward) is a “secret” feature now revealed that his beloved Windows will literally never match – unless Microsoft finally bites the bullet and jettisons their slavish and crippling death grip on “backwards compatibility.” Which they won’t, because their market share will evaporate if they forced everybody to finally just give up and switch to all new stuff; too many would choose Macs. Leopard was delayed once (due to a shift in coders for the iPhone launch) and is 120 days past due, which – in Thurrottland – somehow equates to Microsoft’s many multiple promises and reneges, 5+ years of delays, and the dropping of any and all interesting features during the Windows Longhorn/Vista development debacle which we affectionately call by its codename: “PigLipstick.” And, now, back to the comedy stylings of Paul Thurrott:

Thurrott continues, “Leopard does include a few minor but notable improvements. A new feature called Time Machine, a prettier version of the Previous Versions feature Microsoft first shipped in 2003, allows users to resuscitate previous versions of files. A new feature called Spaces allows users to utilize a years-old UNIX feature called workspaces in typically elegant Apple fashion. And Leopard can dual-boot with Windows Vista, a feature that might prove to be the system’s most popular.”

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

MacDailyNews Take: If intended to be a comedic piece, Thurrott achieved his goal – we laughed throughout. If, on the other hand, Thurrott is being serious… Yikes, that would be some scary delusional Zune! It’s almost too awful to contemplate.


  1. hahaha yeah, Windows years ago ability to restore files??? Yeah, Windows has never had the ability to track and restore user files, only to “maybe” restore itself to a previous state which usually ends in failure worse they want you are trying to back out of… Nice to see he does not even know Windows feature sets either….

  2. This guy is the worst.

    I sometimes worry about people like him because others read what he writes and assume it’s true. Then I stop worrying because the only people who read his stuff are the worst of the crusty IT types that won’t change anyway.

    So, yawn . . . .

  3. “Plagued by delays”! Let’s see, they have had one. Missing secret features? Well, at least it’s not missing published features like Vista. A year “after” Vista? How about a year before because that’s when Tiger was released!

    I mean, I’m all for spin but this is beyond spin.

  4. Finally, Thurott steps up to the plate and gives an unbiased review of the new Mac OS. It really is a lame duck wannabe vista, only a year late.

    Clear evidence that Apple should just shut down and give the money back to the shareholders.

  5. Dual-boot never! If I was unlucky enough to be forced to use a MAC I would wipe it clean and make it a magnificent single-boot Microsoft Windows Vista system—and paint it beige.

    And Thurrott is way off on the ‘minor revision’ part. Leopard is like a minor patch more than anything else.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. Hey, I went ahead and not only read the article but the comments below.

    At this point, I really do not want most windows users to shift to Mac, only say the 20 percent that are fairly intelligent. The others like Enderle and Thurrott and the masses that need the cheapest computer possible (cause you now there really is no difference between them) should stay. I really think that they like their misery in large steaming lumpy piles. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    PS. I am sure that Popular Mechanics found Vista as one of their top ten also. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  7. “Plagued by delays and missing any of the exciting ‘secret’ features promised a year ago”

    How is it logically possible to say something is missing if you don’t know what those somethings are. It’s like trying to prove something doesn’t exist. Besides, Apple never PROMISED secret features. That was a media invention.

    Oh yeah, logic. Thurrott. Nevermind.

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