Mac OS X Leopard’s new Time Machine

“Time Machine is one of the most visually prominent new features demonstrated in Mac OS X Leopard, even if the core idea of backups is as old — or perhaps older — than the concept of having any data worthy of being restored,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

McLean covers:
• The Origins of Time Machine
• Backup Against the Wall
• Targeting Time, Quality, and Expense
• State of the Backup
• The Technology Behind Time Machine
• The What; The Where; The When; and The How
• Hard and Soft Links
• Time Machine’s Multi-Links
• Snapshots and Windows’ Shadow Copy
• The Pretty Layer of Time Machine
• Back Up to the Future

McLean takes a look at what’s new and different about Apple’s approach with Time Machine, why backups are a problem to be solved, and how well Leopard’s new Time Machine actually works in practice in the full article here.


  1. Love all the snappy replies.

    Did anyone read the article?

    Anyways, I manually backup once a month to DVD.
    Yet I look forward to TimeMachine and am quite interested.
    Apple has done a very interesting approach to data retrieval.

    And there was WOZ saying Apple has been LAZY in developing new interface approaches.

    Both iMovie 08 and TimeMachine have slick well thoughtout fairly new solutions to interface and user experience.

    It’s my opinon that even Woz is RIDING the Apple wave of hypermedia. It’s all crazy… yet Apple shall go down in HISTORY – as the company to re-INGNITe once again the entire computer industry.

  2. Time machine…bla bla bla…Spaces….bla bla bla…new Finder and Dock…bla bla bla. My hands are quivering. If they don’t get around to announcing a release date soon, I’m going in convulsions!

    Leopard’s release date has been bumped up from a curiosity to a full fledged medical emergency.

  3. Recently had the chance to listen to an Apple engineer explain Time Machine ( amongst other fantastic things ) at a monthly AppleCore meeting. It sounds great but I’m not sure I want to surrender choosing what and when to back up just yet.

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