“Time Machine is one of the most visually prominent new features demonstrated in Mac OS X Leopard, even if the core idea of backups is as old — or perhaps older — than the concept of having any data worthy of being restored,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

McLean covers:
• The Origins of Time Machine
• Backup Against the Wall
• Targeting Time, Quality, and Expense
• State of the Backup
• The Technology Behind Time Machine
• The What; The Where; The When; and The How
• Hard and Soft Links
• Time Machine’s Multi-Links
• Snapshots and Windows’ Shadow Copy
• The Pretty Layer of Time Machine
• Back Up to the Future

McLean takes a look at what’s new and different about Apple’s approach with Time Machine, why backups are a problem to be solved, and how well Leopard’s new Time Machine actually works in practice in the full article here.