Report: Apple nearing iPhone third-party developer announcement

“Several sources tell me that Apple is nearing an announcement of some sort regarding third-party development on the iPhone. The bits and pieces I’ve heard are maddeningly non-specific: I don’t know, for instance, whether a full software developer’s kit (SDK) will be released; what tier of Apple Developer Connection (ADC) program member you need to be (if any); and how much of the innards will be unleashed. I don’t even know whether Apple is announcing that a program is coming, or the program itself,” Glenn Fleishman writes for TidBITS.

“Those are a lot of unknowns. But what I am hearing from several sources is that the announcement, one that Steve Jobs confirmed without any timetable some weeks ago, will happen soon. Perhaps this week,” Fleishman writes.

Full article, speculating on the directions Apple could go, here.


  1. An iPhone framework inside Xcode is what the man said. I gotta agree. That must be possible, but only alongside certification for any apps so produced. That’s how RIM does it adn I don’t see anything wrong in emulating a company that’s got itself inside government and more secure environments using such certification.

    Unlike Symbian, Palm and Windows CE, who’ll allow anyone and their dog to write shit for their platform.

  2. It all sounds good eh guys. Let’s hope this is the direction Apple takes. Any one and their dog can write web apps and the real deal Apps require certification. I like that approach. Especially if it means better security and stability etc.

  3. I have no doubt that many will jump around to take credit for being vocal, outspoken about the opening iPhone up for 3-party apps, thus forcing Apple to give in and deliver some sort of SDK.

    They will be mistaken. While Apple is a company known for its ability to turn on a dime, which it from time to time demonstrates by doing sudden unexpected things (price drop -> rebate letter), there is no way in hell this hasn’t been planned from the day one. Apple’s timeline on iPhone has probably been pretty much set in stone in January. This was a product three years in development, Steve Jobs’s piece de resistance, therefore it is extremely unlikely that a decision like this would have not been made long before the device was even released.

    Either way, whatever they do announce and ultimately release later will, I’m sure, be very much welcome by most. It will also increase the distance between the iPhone and everything else. The few gripes that some have about missing this or that will be resolved quickly.

  4. Every tech. and stock analyst should boldly declare the following.

    “I’m saying right now with 100% certainty that something, somewhere will happen. Soon. You’ll thank me when see that I’m right. Now get off my lawn. And for the sake of all that’s holy, would it kill you to eat a salad once in a while? Where did I leave my thigh cream? Honey? Did you borrow my thigh cream and where the fsck is my razor? Oh, look. Isn’t that hysterical. I taught my dog how to do that last night. Don’t worry. It’ll wash off. Don’t rub it. It’ll stain. Blot it like this.”

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