Report: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard goes Gold

“Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is now ‘finalized’ and… Apple has begun to provide Leopard-related support training materials to its support staff,” AppleInsider reports.

“The last full pre-release of Leopard arrived on September 21st, when Apple provided its vast developer community with Mac OS X Leopard build 9A559 in what was then assumed to be a release candidate,” AppleInsider reports. “A week later the company released a small automatic software update for build 9A559 but did not increase or otherwise change the Leopard build number as it had done in previous cases. Therefore, build 9A559 was the last known candidate to be declared Gold Master and released to manufacturing.”

AppleInsider reports, “All signs have pointed to a public release of Leopard during the business week of October 22nd, with sources specifically singling out October 26 for the official launch.”

Full article, including information about the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger update, here.


  1. Cool. I hope so. I am gonna get my Pro in about six months, but I just cant wait that long to have Leopard, I figure $129 isn’t that big a deal to me. But when I have my PRO….drool. Totally maxed out. 16 Gig, dual quads (3.2’s hopefully) raid, the whole burrito.

  2. “@M.Th
    anyone knows if it breaks Freehand?”

    I hope 10.5 breaks all 3rd party software. As Steve has showed us with the iPhone, there is really no room for 3rd party software development on Apple products. That Crappy software (just causes adware and spyware) is for Window trolls. We really need ALL of our applications to be developed by Apple, Inc.

    As a mindless Apple fanboy (like most of you), I’ll use whatever Steve says to. He knows what I need a lot more than I do…

    Woooooo Hoooooooo Steve!!!!!

  3. Don’t believe it. 559 was good – but there are still some relatively nasty bugs.

    Just sayin’. This is probably some other sort of “finalization” – not THE LAST BUILD.

  4. @Shoeman.

    The iPhone has the entire Internet in your pocket, the most useful application ever. Beyond that, it has a camera, ipod, maps, calender, calculator, weather, mail, stocks, cell phone, etc. It is plenty useful for over 90% of what anyone would want to do with portable device.

    If you need some third party app that badly, then use a fvcking laptop, or windows mobile device. But don’t come on to our message board and shlt on everyone who enjoys the iPhone the way it is.

    @everyone else
    Sorry for feeding a troll.

  5. @Traveller

    Obviously you don’t read much MDN huh???? I don’t make up the stuff I post here, I copy what you mindless fanboys post.

    The statement that “the iPhone is Really a Mac computer” has been posted here HUNDREDS of TIMES, if NOT THOUSANDS of times by the “Mac Fanboys” HERE.

    Make up your mind, you can’t have it both ways, it’s either a Mac or it isn’t.

    So save your speech for your fellow mindless followers who love to tell us “The iPhone is really a Mac Computer, Wooooo Hoooo”.

    And as I mentioned MANY times, I probably currently OWN more Macs than you ever will in your lifetime. I however, unlike YOU, just don’t blindly accept everything that comes out of Job’s mouth…..

  6. Wonder what secret features will appear in the final shipping product… hopefully those secret features were tested as thoroughly as the rest that were released in the beta to developers…

    Anyone know how Apple deals with stamping out bugs on these secret features?

  7. Traveller, think nothing of it. It’s kinda sad saying this, but even trolls need some lovin’ on occasion. I’ve been known to feed trolls at other places, and now they no longer bite or throw feces at the passerbys.

    MDN word: I “may” regret what I’ve said… not!

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