Piper Jaffray: iPhone demand up at sustained rate following new pricing

In a note to clients, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster comments on Apple. Piper’s channel checks show iPhone demand at AT&T stores is up at a sustained rate of +70% to 100% post-price cut. In a note from earlier this month, Munster had expected demand to stabilize at +50%.

Piper, incorporating in these new checks, suggests Apple will sell 1.05 million iPhone units in the September quarter. PJ’s previous models had suggested 1.01 million phones in the quarter.

In the note, the analyst explains that while 40,000 additional iPhones may seem irrelevant, investors should be mindful that this increase is the result of just 21 days of the quarter at the new US$399 iPhone price point. If one assumes that this +70% run rate is sustainable, which it seems to be currently, it would add approximately 170,000 iPhones units to a full quarter.

As the holiday gift-giving season looms.

Piper Jaffray maintains and “Outperform” rating on Apple with a price target of $211.

[Attribution, Notable Calls.]


  1. Nonsense. I’d like to see Mr. Munster’s research techniques and data to support his wild claims.

    I’ve got some real research and statistical analysis in the form of the IT guys where I work. They wouldn’t touch an iPhone with a 10-foot pole. They are rockin’ Motorola Q’s from Verizon. How can Apple compete with the awesome combination of Verizon V CAST AND magnificent Microsoft Windows Mobile on one device? They can’t. Sure Apple, offer up the same expensive, proprietary toys and see where that gets you. Idiots.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. Well said: Connor MacBook :

    “OS X is the platform of the future. Once Apple takes over the mobile space, the desktop will naturally follow.”

    That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone say that. and thinking about it, I think it could well prove right.

    And no, it isn’t the same with Linux because Symbian has much the biggest mobile phone OS penetration.

    Microsoft: from desktop monopoly to oddball shoot ’em up game maker in 5 years…

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