Are Apple iPods responsible for violent iCrime wave?

“The Urban Institute, a research organization based in Washington, has released an interesting report that suggests that the proliferation of iPods helps account for the nationwide rise in violent crime in 2005 and 2006,” Sewell Chan blogs for The New York Times. “The report suggests that ‘the rise in violent offending and the explosion in the sales of iPods and other portable media devices is more than coincidental,’ and asks, rather provocatively, ‘Is There an iCrime Wave?'”

Chan reports, “The report notes that nationally, violent crime fell every year from 1993 to 2004, before rising in 2005 and 2006, just as ‘America’s streets filled with millions of people visibly wearing, and being distracted by, expensive electronic gear.'”

Chan reports, “Of course, as any social scientist will tell you, correlation and causation are not the same thing. The report’s authors, John Roman and Aaron Chalfin, acknowledge in the report that ‘rigorous empirical tests’ of any theory for the two-year-old rise in violent crime ‘are not possible.'”

Chan reports, “But they offer three tantalizing observations… [along with] four reasons iPod owners might be particularly susceptible to crime.”

Full article here.

The “Is There an iCrime Wave?” report itself (pdf) is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rather than blaming an inanimate object, we blame the criminals’ parents (or lack thereof).

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “qka” for the heads up.]


  1. I reported on the begining of this when the iPhune first came out with the iRiots in several European countries!
    iRiots subsided, order restored, investigation pending …
    Yesterday the iRiots in the EU seemed to stop as quickly as they started! I personally find this very troubling, could all of this have been orchistrated by certain miscreants simply to get press for the pending European release of the iPhone? I am no conspiracy theorist, BUT, this all seems a little fishy to me … and where was Steve Jobs (fake or real) during all of this carnage? It is nothing less than a miracle that loss of life was kept to a minimum, the only casualty was an Apple “genius” who lead an iMob into a Best Buy, he was crushed by a falling rack of Vista Boxes.
    We can now account for the whereabouts of all but two MS employees who were last seen being carried away by a group of thugs wearing jeans and black turtlenecks.

  2. iPod made me kill my family,drink beer heated on the stove, then stuff their bodies with the empty cans. Oh Yeah- iPod also make me sew them back up with crude stitches. I only do what iPod tells me to do.

  3. Jim wrote: “No one is blaming an inanimate object. They’re saying that the existence of the object induces robbers to commit more crimes. Get it straight.”


    A couple of synonyms for “induce” are “influence” and “persuade”. Excuse me, but an inanimate object does not induce, influence, or persusade. A selfish heart, narcissism, criminal mind, entitlement mentality, those are the what lead to crime. The criminal gets 100% the blame. Nothing else is the cause or the inducement. Get it straight!

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