So, where’s Apple’s iPhone for France?

“After the one-two punch of announcements of iPhone availability in the U.K. and Germany last week, every Apple enthusiast fully expected Steve Jobs to make a public announcement at this week’s Apple Expo in Paris of a deal with French cellphone provider Orange. He did not,” David Zeiler blogs for The Baltimore Sun.

“It’s crazy. Last Friday Didier Lombard, chief executive of France Télécom (which owns Orange) told a reporter a trade show in Vietnam that Orange had made a deal with Apple, which many media outlets reported. But Apple never said a word,” Zeiler reports.

“In all likelihood details of the deal are still being worked out – but for Apple to let such an obvious PR opportunity slip by is completely out of character… Then again, perhaps the two parties have reached an agreement but Jobs wanted to wait a few weeks before announcing it in order to gin up more free publicity for the iPhone after the current chatter has died down,” Zeiler reports.

Full article here.

Reuters also has a report saying that “France Telecom and Apple are struggling to come to an agreement on the distribution of the U.S. group’s iPhone in France,” here.


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