InfoWorld: Eight months since switching from Windows to Mac and it’s no turning back

“Commenters on my Enterprise Mac blog have been begging for an update to my column “Mac sense and nonsense,” in which I chronicled the early experiences of a friend who agreed to switch from Windows — her OS for her entire computer-using life — to the Mac,” Tom Yager reports for InfoWorld.

“My friend loves OS X; she’s sold. Wild horses driven by a grinning Steve Ballmer carrying $100,000 couldn’t drag her back into Windows. That hundred large might have convinced her under Tiger (OS X 10.4), but I’ve shared with her many of the published details of Leopard (10.5), due in October,” Yager reports.

“She knows that I’m an Apple Developer Connection Premiere member and that I have Leopard, and she thinks I’m a jerk for not letting her use it,” Yager reports.

“She no longer has a fondness for Windows, and I have learned that if I wish to acquaint myself with the great beyond, all I need to do is mention October one more time,” Yager reports.

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  1. Ahh, the Tandy Color Computer 3 – first true multitasking microcomputer. It ran “OS-9” from Microware Systems. Had a windowing environment, GUI, modular software design – all kinds of neat things. All run by the MC6809E processor. Good times all around. I think you can even run it with MESS.

  2. I bought my first computer in September 2000 at age 28 – my Cube. I never owned a computer before that because they never worked right. BUT, I was always using Winblows and didn’t understand the difference between Winblows PC’s and a Mac until my friend Art let me try out his G3. I’ve been an addict ever since!

  3. I’ve been a Mac user since around 1995 when I was forced to use one at work. In a public school system. I started there in 94 but by sometime in 95 I became a Mac fan. I think it had something to do with being a phone support guy. Teachers would call in and my first question would be, “Are you on a Mac or a Windows computer?” Before long I realized that if they said, “Windows” my spirit would sink. I’d spend an average of 45min on the phone with them (often over an hour) and not always fix their problem. On the Mac, it was less than 15min nearly every time and rarely was there a remaining problem when I hung up the phone. I’ve gotten rid of all Windows computers at home and use Mac exclusively. The irony is that now the school system is mostly Windows and Macs are shunned. But I argue and complain and persevere until they let me buy a Mac. I’ll never go back.

  4. I became a real mac user (switched) in November of 2006. Before that I used a Hacintosh to test out OS X on my HP system….then immediately was amazed at how intuitive, easy to use, advanced, and slick OS X truly is. All it took was a month to convince me (I was a windows user all my life until then) 1 month later…on November 2006, I got my Macbook, and now I have the new Macbook Pro.

    There is no way in hell I’m going back to Winblows after experiencing OS X and the slickness of a Mac. I am happy to say I’ve managed to convince a few of my friends as well into liking OS X and a Mac in general, as they were once sworn mac haters.

  5. @Cubert,

    Must have been sweet to own a Cube as your first computer. I have one. LOVE IT! Produced a 140+ page color monthly magazine on it for 14 issues. A real workhorse. And so elegant.


    I did consumer phone support for Apple back in the OS 8-9 days. I can relate to those 15min calls.

  6. i had dabbled with macs since 2000 (i know, i’m late to the party!) but finally switched in 2003 with an original g3 imac. haven’t looked back, although i do keep a windows box around for the few games i can’t play on the mac (that is, til i get a macbook pro!) =)

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