W.R. Hambrecht ups estimates for Apple’s fiscal year on strong iPod, accelerating iPhone sales

“W.R. Hambrecht analyst Matthew Kather believes that Apple Inc.’s current quarter is shaping up so well that on Friday he raised his fiscal year earnings and revenue forecast,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

Kather estimates Apple will earn $3.67 a share on $24.09 billion in sales vs. his previous forecast of $3.63 a share on revenue of $23.67 billion.

Crum reports, “Kather said he expects Apple to sell 12 million iPods during its fourth quarter, which ends in September. Kather also said that he believes Apple’s iPhone business is accelerating due to the company cutting the price of the device to $399 in the U.S.”

Full article here.

Not to mention Mac sales!


  1. What came first? The analyst or the company?

    If the Company came first, how can the analyst expect to influence the Companies performance?

    If the analyst came first, how can a company survive when it is subjected to a juggernaut of FUD?

    Some people should be advise not to try to pad out their wages by piggy-backing on someone else’s success.

    Just my .02 centilitres of Camel’s Milk!!!

  2. His numbers are WAY too low.

    Apple has already earned $2.93 (1.17+0.87+0.92) so far this year. With an estimate for the year 3.67, he is saying that AAPL will earn only $0.74. Current analyst estimates are at $0.82 (way too low still IMHO). I think it will be closer to $1.10 to $1.20 for the quarter. This would give an earning of $4.03 to $4.13 for the year

  3. Speaking of pigs, oh wise one . . .

    Even IF AAPL were to end the year at $109 (it most certainly WON’T), it would be up some 20% from last year’s close. MSFT, on the other hand, would be DOWN 10% right now (closed at $31 then, now at $28.65).

    You must REALLY like the taste of bacon if you equate 20% UP to 10% DOWN.

    But let’s look at RIGHT NOW FIGURES, OK?

    AAPL closed at $144.15 today, $72 a year ago.
    MSFT closed at $ 28.65 today, $26 a year ago.

    Hmmm. Which is the “pig,” sir?

  4. @ short this pig: Piss Poor! Why bother?

    You could of Course Drink Camel’s Milk! The painfully peircing fart you emit will drive any thoughts of greatness up your nose and down your elementaries in a never ending loop, thus rescuing you from a life of poor imitation!

  5. $109 wow. I would sell everything I and you own, borrow every cent and buy Apple shares also if there is a split.My estimate is that AAPL will blow the $200 mark very soon (after Q1 in January) and it will then go up to $300-$400 (if there is a split = $150-$200) when they have passed HP and Dell. If the sales are this robust and growth is this fast it means that Apple is selling over 10 million Macs a year 2008. If the HP sells now over 20 million and Dell is somewhere there. Things are getting very interesting.

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