Apple turning into another Microsoft with recent short-sighted, anti-consumer decisions?

“Karma. Doing the ‘right thing.’ Thinking different. Apple’s enlightened approach to building customer loyalty is now famous, generating big headlines every time CEO Steve Jobs takes on Hollywood or the music industry. Attempts to raise iTunes prices? ‘Greedy.’ A fight with NBC over revenues? ‘Give peace a chance.’ That’s Apple, your socially-conscious corporate friend, who does right by you while standing up to big bullies — sort of like a character from a Pixar movie,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for iLounge.

“But over the past two weeks, Apple’s fans have been grumbling that the company they knew and loved is transforming into another Microsoft, making short-sighted, anti-consumer decisions and carelessly releasing products with user experience-diminishing problems. In response, an increasingly angry erosion of Apple’s brand loyalty is beginning, with complaints mounting all over the Internet, including on the company’s own discussion forums,” Horwitz writes.

Horwitz covers four of issues that are “still largely unresolved by Apple, and the extreme anger and disappointment that its customers have been expressing as a result.”

• Apple Breaks 2005-2007 Video Add-Ons: No Warning, Just Buy New Ones
• iTunes Store iPod Games: Buy Them Again for New iPods
• iPod touch Screen Problems: Deny Them, Charge Restocking Fees
• iPhone Ringtones: Pay Twice for Each Song; Forget Using Your Own

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Davecc” for the heads up.]

Apple’s decision makers would do well to post the following quote in prominent places where they will be reminded of it daily:

“Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.” – Karl Ludwig Börne


  1. I don’t know what has gotten into Steve Jobs since September 5th, but the greed he’s shown since that date has been almost Redmondian. Let’s hope he’ll soon see the error in his ways.

  2. And this is the best list someone can come up with? Come one? #1 is going to happen, for which a new breed of software comes out to replace the old. #2 is also going to happen. Always iritating when one spends money, but I don’t automatically assume that just because I buy a new computer or device, that everthing is going to work on it as before. #3 seems to already be handled, as Apple has already stated that they are working on the solution (oh and that’s what no more than two weeks after being launched?), and #4 about ringtones is useless trivia. The world is going to have to wake up and realize that ANYTIME one starts trying to sell or distribute music in any form factor, the music labels have to be involved. Does Apple really care if you were to make your own ringtones? Probably not, but the music labels do, and since they already make mooola on them, they aren’t going to let Apple allow their patrons the make ringtones – period. A waste of 4 points that don’t add up to anything.

  3. Poor Bloomin Steve Jobs, Poor Guys he needs to have break,

    What a evil world . Poor blooming guy. He needs to sell his shares and all the items he can top this discusting people and enjoy his life in wi retirement with his family, and

    You will never have his great stuff again.


  4. • Apple Breaks 2005-2007 Video Add-Ons: No Warning, Just Buy New Ones
    • iTunes Store iPod Games: Buy Them Again for New iPods
    • iPod touch Screen Problems: Deny Them, Charge Restocking Fees
    • iPhone Ringtones: Pay Twice for Each Song; Forget Using Your Own

    Don’t forget mandating glossy screens, cheaping the LCD’s and reducing graphics performance on the new AL iMac’s. Also the complicated Mighty Mouse with sticky scroll balls. And the numerous security issues with Mac OS X, some which STILL haven’t been fixed yet. Also the iMovie debacle and lackluster iWeb/.Mac combination.

    I must admit, after over 20 years of Apple loyalty, that I’m having my doubts. It’s like they are burning out or getting overloaded or something.

    I just hope Apple realizes these are real issues it’s customer base has and focuses on the needs of it’s users.

    Still a big Apple fan. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. These issues may be irritating for those caught in the crossfire, but they are hardly redmondian in nature…

    Microsoft’s business policies have had profound negative impact, illegally crippling competition, and creating “standards” that no-one should be forced to endure.

    It seems the author is simply looking for ways to criticize Apple. There has got to be a better way to make a living…

  6. A couple of things missing from that list (in my opinion):

    1. Locking out developers from creating apps for the iPod and the iPhone. Sorry, Web apps are not real apps. What if I don’t have an internet connection when I need to use one of them… which brings me to the next issue.

    2. Going with AT&T;for the sole service provider. Their coverage and network reliability is absolutely horrendous compared to what I was getting with Verizon. And Edge? Seriously, I rarely use it because it is so unreliable.

    I’m not ready to give up on Apple yet, but the road they seem to be going down is making wonder if they are losing some of the customer friendliness that made me like their products to begin with.

  7. That is one HUGE mole hill.

    It’s not the just consumer relations that made Microsoft so bad – it’s how they treat partners. Constantly stabbing them in the back.

    Stealing and constantly selling bad cheap products. Apple is a long way from that company. Microsoft is our own little China.

  8. I don’t know about the Video Add-Ons, the iPod Touch issues, but I will comment about the other two.

    First, buying the games over again is no big deal. Every time you buy a new cell phone you must repurchase any games or tools you have bought from the carrier.

    Secondly, the ringtones deal is fair as far as the price goes. $.99 is cheap compared to what else is out there, but we should be able to use songs we already own. Either that or Apple needs to open up all the songs on iTunes for ringtones. I probably would purchase the tones I already have just to save the hassle of hacking and avoiding updates but they are not available.

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