Apple and Samsung sign exclusive laser printer deal

“Samsung Electronics has reached a deal to sell its new Swan monochrome laser printer (ML-1630, US$199) and Logan multifunction printer (SCX-4500, US$269) exclusively at Apple retail stores. The stylish new printers will be [exclusively] sold at Apple’s 160 stores nationwide until Jan. 2008,” The Digital Chosun Ilbo reports.

“‘Apple suggested the exclusive sales of Samsung’s new printers at its retail stores,’ a Samsung Electronics official said. ‘Apple is charmed by their sleek design and convenient user interface,'” The Digital Chosun Ilbo reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution Macworld UK. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. HP would have been the best choice for printers. IMMO

    Their customer service is excellent, they have always been consistant with Mac drivers and such.

    The only problem is they like to bundle their complete software package with the printer, want root to install, don’t react fast enough to OS changes/updates. Security with thier software has been a issue.

    Also of course the big blowout at HP, and HP now a PC competitor to Apple.

    HP basically took over IBM’s place in the corporate PC market, Apple doesn’t play corporate but consumer. So there is peace.

  2. Let’s just hope they also have MacOS 10.5 drivers for all the multi-function stuff.
    Or at least drivers so you can print on them decently with MacOS.
    I don’t actually have a printer for my G4-mini, but buying one would be an interesting exercise, probably…

    I’ve heard good things about HPs printers – but only about the older ones (LJ40x0 etc.). The newer ones and the multi-function stuff – I wouldn’t touch them.

  3. You want a laser printer get an HP.

    Say what you will about everything else that HP sells, but their LaserJets are solid and reliable.

    I’ve had an 11 x 17 LaerJet 5000n for 8 or 9 years and aside from toner cartridges and getting a thorough cleaning, have had ZERO trouble with it.

    I never have to think twice before I hit Print.

  4. “they [HP] have always been consistant with Mac drivers and such”

    Yes, consistently bad. Try to get one of their MFP’s working reliably in a networked Mac environment and you will soon change your mind about the quality of their drivers.

  5. I have a Samsung ML-1450 and the toner carts aren’t cheap however undoing two screws donning a stylish pair of rubber gloves and pouring in a cheap bottle of toner off ebay does the trick nicely. I also get around four refills from one bottle.


    But as they say on “Will it blend” – Don’t breathe this!!!

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