Can Apple’s iPhone help boost Europe’s Mac sales?

“Apple CEO Steve Jobs is making the rounds of European capitals announcing plans for a Nov. 9 overseas launch of the iPhone. As of this writing, he’s announced deals in Britain with O2, a division of Spain’s Telefonica, and in Germany with T-Mobile, a unit of Deutsche Telekom (DT). Rumors are rife that his next stop is France. Or maybe Spain,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for BusinessWeek.

“Wherever he lands next, Jobs is on a critical mission. The iPhone’s European tour has big implications not just for Apple’s new music-playing cell phone, but could also set the tone for Macintosh computer sales in markets where Apple has minimal share,” Hesseldahl reports.

“A key question for those who still care about Apple’s computer business is whether the iPhone, like the iPod before it, can help goose Mac sales abroad.Talk of an iPod Halo Effect—that interest in the iPod would lure buyers to the Mac as well—was initially dismissed but turned out to be real. Could an iPhone effect materialize in Europe and, in time, in Asia?” Hesseldahl asks.

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  1. Just my opinion, but experience with one very good product suggests the quality of other products from the same maker. If that is true, then we can certainly expect a market share increase for the Mac in Europe. But … that’s just my opinion.


  2. iMat,

    I believe you’re in minority. Consumers don’t think about technology. Hype works. US is no exception. We’ll live to see this across Europe. We can all agree here that iPhone is revolutionary, a game changer. This is its most critical quality. Nothing else matters (3G vs. EDGE, etc.).

    IPhone will sell in big numbers. It will also turn people’s heads towards Apple in general, and more specifically, Macs. This will definitely work in a similar way it worked in the US.

    It’s good time to be a Mac user (and an AAPL stock holder…)!

  3. iPhones will be sold primarily thought telecoms, not Apple Stores (at least in Germany). How is anyone going to see a Mac at a T-Mobile store?

    The Halo Effect works in the States (and maybe England?) because of the Apple Stores. I don’t see how it could work anywhere else…

  4. Can Apple’s iPhone help boost Europe’s Mac sales?

    Answer: Maybe a little bit, but nothing to get excited about.
    Apple still has no Apple Stores in Germany.
    Apple does not advertise its computers in Germany.
    Other than the iPod, there is very little visibility or marketing for Apple computers in Germany.
    With the release of the next version of OSX maybe Apple will allocate some of its profits to this market of nearly 90,000,000.

  5. @ imat.

    NO ONE???? That is a very sweeping statement from one who comes from a lovely country. For a start if someone did a survey of how long people keep their mobile phones before changing them, you will be surprised by the outcome.

    Mobile phone providers usually offer upgrades for their contract subscribers roughly about annually to stop them from changing to another provider or just to keep them happy or upgrade their tarriffs to better their margins.

    The iphone is sold with a life time of free upgrades! Because the UI is software driven, even the look of the iphone can be changed to make it personalised and even operate differently from other iphones. For example, you could in future set a default where email or SMS becomes your home screen because the phone will cut in what ever program you are using.

    So do not think in terms of 1&1;/2 years of the same hard wired button controlled phone, but 1&1;/2 years of an evolving PDA.

    Think Different!

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