“It seems that the people at Microsoft have lost faith in the personal computer. Maybe they’re right–maybe the PC as some of us once knew and loved it really is history,” Peter Huber writes for Forbes.

MacDailyNews Take: Nobody loves Windows PCs except Bill Gates (for his bank account) and IT-tards (for job security).

Huber continues, “Microsoft’s latest spasm of software [Vista and Office] –call it Blunder 2007–will drive a lot of users to Apple, perhaps even enough to shift the whole PC software market past the tipping point, leaving Microsoft on the wrong side of the landslide.”

“Twice before in this industry’s short history companies have paid a terrible price when they made one pivotal mistake. Microsoft itself was created by Blunder 1981–IBM’s decision to license the operating system for its first personal computer from Bill Gates. Gates cooperated with IBM long enough to secure his company’s dominance of PC operating systems, then casually tossed Big Blue overboard. Apple’s Blunder 1985 did just the opposite: The company spurned Microsoft’s proposal to license Apple’s operating system with its neat graphical interface and adapt it to run on other computers. This forced Microsoft to develop what later became Windows,” Huber writes.

“I bought all the pieces of Blunder 2007 earlier this year and gave them my very best shot. I’m now going through the horrendous process of dumping them piece by piece. At least one of us–Microsoft or me–is getting old,” Huber writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Better to wake up late than never. 1985 was not a blunder. It was a blessing:
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