Adobe’s earnings today can give clues to Apple’s Mac sales

“Even if you’re not a heavy user of its Photoshop software, or even an investor in its stock, it might be a good idea to watch this afternoon’s earnings announcement from Adobe Systems (ADBE),” Jon Fortt blogs for Business 2.0.

“Adobe’s expensive Creative Suite often provides hints about how well Apple’s (AAPL) most expensive systems are doing in the marketplace. That’s because the print and online designers who are the major buyers of CS3 are also the core audience for Apple’s Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. If CS3 is doing better than expected, that probably means Apple’s Mac hardware margins are doing well, too,” Fortt writes.

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  1. I think the sales of CS3 for the Mac are going to disappoint.

    Why else would Apple start switching their entire line to glossy displays to attract the consumer user market?

    I think Apple is kissing off the professional and enterprise market for their products. Last big fling was the PowerMac G5 for supercomputers.

  2. Pete in Houston. Why would you think that? Where would you be thinking the professional market is going to go for their computers? They were core Apple users in the past. Now, with newer, more powerful machines there is only more reason to use Apple products.

  3. Well it also could be that CS3 and it’s upgrades are so darn expensive that a lot of graphic shops stick with a older version and a older OS like Jaguar/Panther.

    Just keep the Mac’s off the internet to eliminate security issues.

    Of course the new Intel Mac’s may eventually have to be connected to the internet in order to run CS3.

    I don’t know because we are still on “9”. It works what the hell?

    Companies don’t like change if things are working just fine. So really CS3 sales doesn’t neccesary reflect Mac sales in the graphic industry as it’s resistant to change.

    Most of the time it’s the artist which demand new upgrades for features, but Adobe really hasn’t delivered anything new. Just some glossed over new gimmicks not many people really use.

    Apple has switched around a lot, even Intel processors so it’s basically a PC now. Windows works fine if it’s off the internet, the cd drive removed and the ports filled with superglue. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Pete.

    Your are reaching dude. Get some coffee and chill.

    iMac’s are consumer products, they are glossy.

    MBP are both Pro and Consumer, so there is a choice.

    MP are Consumer so they are glossy.

    Cinema displays are due for a refresh and I would guess the glossy will be an option as well.

    My 2 Cents.

  5. Our shop passed on CS2 and we still have not bought CS3 either. Truth be told, CS is still doing a great job for us on dual proc G4 machines. This does not mean we’re not buying Apple machines, we have several Intel based including a recent Mac Pro Quad.


  6. @ Pete

    “Why else would Apple start switching their entire line to glossy displays to attract the consumer user market?”

    This is not true. Only consumer level machines (iMacs & Macbooks) have glossy-only screens. It’s an option with MacBook Pros and currently there are only matte screens on standalone monitors. Glossy may be offered on pro hardware, but I’m sure matte will always be available.

    “I don’t know because we are still on “9”. It works what the hell?”

    Your competition running OS X will be running circle around you. Time to upgrade.

  7. I thought that apostrophes (‘) were for indicating possessive rather than plural.

    Would you like fry’s with that?

    How many tire’s do you have on your car’s?

    How many computer’s (Mac’s) do you have?

    MW: letter – the letter of the law

  8. I think the entire U.S. economy will fail because of Apple’s new glossy screens. I put tin foil on all of my windows and dug a tunnel out to a bunker in my back yard through the basement. This glossy thing is bad. Real bad. I suggest you all go out and get shovels, duct tape and sheets of plastic to protect yourselves.

  9. I really think this news is going to be bad. I think Apple has been losing the war in their own graphic backyard.

    After all Apple is being sued over the low quality of the displays and the new AL iMac actually has less graphic performance than earlier versions.

  10. Gawd, man, but you REALLY need to brush up on your English grammar, mechanics, and usage skills. I couldn’t cut through your mangled constructions to get at your real meaning . . . which I’m sure was solid overall. Give us some help here!

  11. Don’t forget the glossy screens. Apple is losing the war on the matte front as well. Apple shoving glossy screens and weak graphics subsystems down our throats is playing right into Dell’s hands. Just when you thought we were coming out of it…

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