Wall Street Journal readers endorse dumping Windows and switching to Apple Macintosh

“Last week’s column on pondering a new PC, and the possibility of throwing over Windows for Apple, brought in a tidal wave of forum posts and email — and more evidence that the consumer-PC market is turning in Apple’s favor,” Jason Fry reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Email after email came from people who had recently switched from Windows to Macs, or were planning to do so once OS X 10.5 — Leopard — comes out next month,” Fry reports. “Many of those emails came from people who were longtime, dedicated Windows users, including engineering types who had resisted what they saw as Apple hype. (Another theme that emerged from my correspondence: Vista was the final straw for a number of Windows users. Microsoft has a problem on its hands there.)”

“I know looking through an inbox is anecdotal evidence — but there was an enormous amount of it,” Fry reports.

Read the emails offered in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Christer,” “Melanie ‘MacSmiley'” and “Michael” for the heads up.]


  1. “Apple hype” admitted by by people that have not used Apple.

    The difference in most Windows and Apple users?

    Most Apple users HAVE used Windows and know that Apple is better.

    Most Windows users have NEVER used a Mac and tend to think Apple is all HYPE. They are making a judgment without ever having tried it.

    It won’t be long now.

  2. “Many of those emails came from people who were longtime, dedicated Windows users, including engineering types who had resisted what they saw as Apple hype.

    This is true, the sylish MacBook Pro’s running Windows and the secure Mac OS X are definatly a hit with engineers at my company.

    However a bunch of us saw some dangerous writing on the wall. As we walked down the line of MacBooks, we noticed all of them were glossy screens except for one MacBook Pro at the end.

    We all suddenly realized that our hardware choices were being forced upon us. If Apple went all glossy, we might not be able to buy a regular screen laptop from them which we need so bad because we spend hours and hours in front of our computers, travel with them etc and exposed to different lighting conditions.

    The Apple hardware is most definatly trendy, successful looking and attractive.

    But it also has to be functional as we need them to work 8-10 hours a day without annoying reflections.

  3. Dumping Windows and switching to Apple Macintosh?

    Preposterous. Power users rock Windows. Pretentious, namby-pamby toy aficionados use MACs. Simple as that. You know what I’m talking about; you see them at Starbucks with their MAC laptops… “See my MAC? Isn’t it pretty?” Whatever.

    The day I see 1 Windows user switch to a MAC is the day pigs fly.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. who cares if they’re just coming on board now. the opportunity hasn’t passed to buy AAPL stock. get thru this week first. then buy it in stages for the holiday buyers.

    hope to hear some new telcom providers soon…

  5. Cheney…

    You’re absolutely right. I hear people say, Macs suck, they’re pretty, but pretty useless, etc., etc.

    Then I ask: Have you actually USED a Mac?

    Silence or uh, well, uh, no…

    Apple still needs to do a better job advertising.

    The iPhone ads are perfect. I’d love to see Apple produce similar ads for the Mac and Mac OS X.
    Simple: I can do this… like this. No need to say more.

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