“Sales of boxed copies of Windows Vista continue to significantly trail those of Windows XP during its early days, according to a soon-to-be-released report,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

“Standalone unit sales of Vista at U.S. retail stores were down 59.7 percent compared with Windows XP, during each product’s first six months on store shelves, according to NPD Group. In terms of revenue, sales are also down, but the drop has been less steep, at 41.5 percent,” Fried reports. “‘It’s just not doing well,’ NPD analyst Chris Swenson said of Vista’s performance at retail stores.”

MacDailyNews Take: No, ya think?

Fried continues, “Just because boxed Vista sales are down doesn’t mean they won’t pick up, [Swenson] added. He noted that XP sales peaked a few years after its 2001 launch… But given the fact that only relatively new PCs can be upgraded to Vista, and with standalone sales not showing signs of improving, Swenson said, ‘it’s looking less and less likely that this will happen.'”

“News on the retail front is brighter for Office, which was released to stores the same day as Vista,” Fried reports. “While much of the sales were for the new Office 2007, Swenson said just over 20 percent of all boxed copies of Office were Office for Mac. Swenson credited the large number of people switching to Macs as part of the reason for the spike in Mac Office sales.” [Bold emphasis added by MacDailyNews.]

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MacDailyNews Take: All you need to do is read the Vista reviews. “Five years for a chrome-plated turd” pretty much said it all.