Some report success with American Express iPhone purchase rebates

Apple Store“Readers report that calls to the American Express Return Protection line (1-800-297-8019) are being met with mixed results. Some readers say they are now accepting claims concerning the $200 dollar iPhone price drop, others have had less luck,” Erica Sadun reports for TUAW.

Sadun reports that an AMEX rep said that she “was already looking into this matter and promised to get back to me.”

More info in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

Membership has its privileges, dontcha know.


  1. I too am getting a $431 credit for the two iPhones I purchased on launch day. I guess that makes me greedy, or frugal or something. I assume it also makes me ineligible for Steve’s $100 store credit (x2 in my case) – ethically, if not in actuality.

  2. I tried to invoke price protection on my visa card and they want a printed store advertisement showing the new lower price. They won’t accept anything off the web and won’t even look at apple’s website. What a bunch of wankers. I don’t believe apple does printed advertisements.

  3. I just called American Express and they have filed a claim. They said they no longer operate a price protection program but they would honor the request for customers in good standing. They said the rebate would show up on my statement with in a week or so unless they need any additional information, for which they would contact me for. If you read Steve Jobs open letter the $100 Apple Store Credit only seems to be available to those who are unable to get any other kind of refund… anyone else have any additional information about that? I honestly have to say that I was pissed about the price cut this soon, however I do agree with Steve’s original comments that “That’s Technology”, with that said though, it feels like the iPhone may have been rushed out of Apple too soon, maybe they should have just waited and unveiled it at the event the other day with the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, price cut, etc. Anyway, just my two cents.

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