Early-ish adopter?  Get your Apple iPhone refunds while they last

Apple Store“The reaction to the $200 drop in iPhone’s price has been fairly negative, particularly among those who recently purchased an iPhone… I think it’s safe to say that the price drop was certainly unexpected. As a result, many iPhone owners went hunting for refunds from either AT&T or Apple to assuage their wallets,” Justin Berka reports for Ars Technica.

“Of course, in the event of a price drop, Apple Stores will automatically refund you the difference if the price drop occurs within 14 days of the date of purchase. AT&T accepts returns within 14 days and likely has a similar pricing policy. The online Apple Store covers price drops for 10 days (instead of 14, I have no idea why this different), but I suspect they’d overlook that in this case. In any case, if you purchased an iPhone in the past two weeks, getting a refund should be no problem, no matter where you bought it,” Berka reports.

“Once you get to day 15, things get significantly more complicated and unpredictable,” Berka reports.

More info in the full article here.

That’s technology. If they bought it this morning, they should go back to where they bought it and talk to them. If they bought it a month ago, well, that’s what happens in technology.Apple CEO Steve Jobs on iPhone price cut, September 5, 2007


  1. It had to be done. Now that the iPod touch is out, it makes sense to add cell phone functionality for a hundred bucks more. It also definitely means that a 16GB phone is around the corner, and maybe even a 32 GB to reclaim the 599 price slot

  2. “Had Apple simply dropped the iPhone 4GB and repriced the 8GB unit to that of the 4 ($499) you would have heard less squawking, people would have been happy enough”

    I, as an Apple shareholder, am happier at $399 because unit sales and revenue will be much higher.

  3. Hey, Dosen’t Apple just replace the phone once the battery dies? How long do you think the batteries last? 1 to 1.5 years? So in 10-15 months those “early adopters” will get Brand New, Ver. 2, 32 Gig, iPhones that Apple will be selling for $600 to those who are still waiting.

    Or maybe not.

  4. Emil wrote, “Which is why you don’t buy the first model of anything iPod touch is a BIG no no!”

    I respectively disagree. The iPod touch shares so many components with the iPhone that it already benefits from the production scale of the iPhone and the manufacturing tuning that comes with being on the market for months. Part of the margins story for the iPhone and iPod Touch is that together they feed off a combined manufacturing volume — costs are lower, the higher the volume.

    The iPod Touch is a bargain right now, as is the iPhone.

  5. I wonder if the complains are loud enough, Apple will do something similar to when they dropped the price on Aperture. I suspect something like that is in the works. That said, I bought a dual core 3 weeks before they went quad. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

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