Buh-bye iPod Hi-Fi

“While Apple continues to plug the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system on its web site and under the ‘Accessories’ portion of its scrolling iTunes/iPod navigation bar, the Hi-Fi itself has been axed from the online store, true to Think Secret sources who previously said the product was reaching the end of its life,” Think Secret reports.

Full article here.

Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK, “Speaking under conditions of strict anonymity, UK resellers confirmed the news [of iPod Hi-Fi’s “End Of Life”]… It’s not clear at if the company intends releasing a revised version of the system, but the iPod HiFi is no longer available for purchase from the company’s UK online Apple store.”

Full article here.

What we need now is an “iPod Hi-Fi Wi-Fi.” Or would it be “iPod Wi-Fi Hi-Fi?” Aw, screw it: maybe we just need some more iPod Socks?


  1. +++++++


    Returned mine, NO TWEETER. There is no equal on raw power though, tried them all, returned them all. Waiting for some to have a clue. All this unit needed was a tweeter. That’s it. Mid range speakers can only do so much. It is a shame it was 1 or 2 speakers away from greatness. Too muddy as is.



  2. I agree with steve. The lack of a real tweeter is the reason I won’t get one for that kind of money. What were they thinking. There is no such thing as “Hi-Fi” without some 1″ dome tweeters. Same thing with the Bose. The Altec iM7 is much more usable for the price since it sounds about as good and runs on batteries too.

  3. It has clean, simple lines, it’s shape is appropriate to it’s function. It sounds great. If you want something smaller and prettier, or more trendy looking, then to me that is simply vanity. At the end of the day aesthetics are an individuals opinion, but if you value the appearance of an audio system over and above the quality of the actual audio – to my mind that just doesn’t seem very clever; that says more about you than about the product.

  4. How does the Hi-Fi sound with Classical music? All they play at the Apple store is all that modern junk. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” /> Any classical listeners here that have a Hi-Fi?

    Live long and prosper.

  5. @ Spock,

    Classical music sounds brilliant…that goes for western and eastern classical.

    I have some Indian, Chinese and Japanese classical music that sounds unbelievable.

    Not sure how Vulcan classical would sound…Spock is Vulcan right? I hope I haven’t screwed up my sci-fi characters…” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I’m more of a footy geezer than sci-fi.

  6. Those of you who criticize the iPod Hi-Fi sound have clearly not listened to one. Apple did their homework and designed the acoustics well. I love it and it’s the only stereo system I’ve got or need in the house. Its portability has also been also highly useful. Yet it’s true enough that Bose and others offer competitive products that could beat the iPod Hi-Fi on price and nearly match or in some cases surpass it acoustically. So as it is it just doesn’t stand out compared to other competing products, which is unusual for an Apple product.

    One thing Apple should have done was to build in Wi-Fi so you could stream music from your computer to the iPod Hi-Fi, which would have clearly differentiated it from its competitors. You can do this by attaching an AirPort Express to the unit but that AirPort Express has to be connected to my cable modem. With this setup I have to stream cable modem data over Wi-Fi to my iMac – not my preferred solution as it just seem the wrong way around.

    Apple could save the iPod Hi-Fi but they’d have to fix this and really up the anti to set this product apart.

  7. I drank the Cool-Aid and bought the iPod HiFi and love it, but must agree that there are much more pretty speakers available.

    But it’s killer is definitely the dozens of clock-radios with FM, dual alarms, and decent speakers. But they can’t fill a hall with ear-thumping sound like my iPod HiFi. Crank it up and I have yet to hear any distortion.

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