Xtorrent 1.1 released, BitTorrent client for Apple’s Mac OS X

David Watanabe, Acquisition and NewsFire developer, today released Xtorrent 1.1, a Mac OS X BitTorrent client, which brings many significant features, including:

• individual file selection, so you can pick only the files you need
• file priorities
• a refashioned downloads pane
• significantly faster searching
• faster downloads

More info and download link here.

MacDailyNews Note: Another excellent (and free) BitTorrent client for Mac OS X is Transmission, which was updated to version 0.81 just last week. More info and download link here.


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  2. Xtorrent is banned on some private trackers just for the cheek of charging for torrent software. Transmission now has all its bugs fixed that caused it to be banned. But that didn’t fix the fact that its a huge great resource hog, although not as much as azureus etc. Best client by far is rTorrent (google it) if you know your way round the terminal. MacPorts is the easiest way to get it on your Mac.

  3. Comment from: Canadian
    “Unfortunately, Azureus is the only client I know for the Mac that does encryption. My ISP is known for packet shaping.”

    Lemme guess . . . Rogers! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I know, it pisses me off too, but damn, I still like their service. I;ve got everything else with them: HD Cable, Mobile, etc.

  4. Used Xtorrent for quite some time. It’s been great for me and finally the ability to download individual files from complete sets is the icing on the cake that gives Azureus the boot.

    Have you used it? The interface is great. Once you have configured the search in Preferences this app is a doddle to use and catch up on TV episodes you’ve missed.

    Yes I agree buying shareware Apps can be a little hit-or-miss where quality is concerned, but this App isn’t priced too high for me to worry about my wallet and not to low for me to not to look at seriously.

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