Woz talks iPhone, Segway, Prius speeding ticket, and more

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and the most feared member of the Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway polo team, appears on the latest Segway Today Podcast.

Woz is a major advocate of the Segway Personal Transporter, and you’ll hear his thoughts on being a good Segway ambassador, Toyota Prius speeding tickets, waiting in line for an Apple iPhone, and a whole lot more.

More info and link to the podcast here.

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  1. Toyota Prius – what a joke.

    Wanna know the eco-damage that is going on so Woz can feel good about himself driving a Prius?

    1. The nickle for those bad-boy batteries are strip-mined in Canada, (where the strip mining and sulfer polution is taking place).

    2. Polution from the refining (smelting) of the nickel in Canada is producing an acid rain situation, and the strip mining is destroying the land. And isn’t this a Kyoto Treaty country?… Nice on “Oh Canada!”

    3. The smelted nickel is then shipped across the pond, where it is refined in Wales. Another nice piece of engergy in transportation and refining, causing more polution…

    4. The refined material is then shipped to China (more energy and oil consumed) where it is refined and turned into nickel foam – oh all that good oil being burned so cleanly in China, and other enviro-friendly practices going on in China factories to make the “eco-friendly” car complete… A bit more led please!

    4. Of course, some of the material is then shipped back to the US or Europe or Japan for final assembly into the Prius or small refinements.

    5. Lastly, those batteries only last about 100,000 miles, and then the car needs those batteries to be completely replaced – another $10,000 please… Oh, and what to do with this horrific battery material and how to dispose of it? Another huge energy sucker and polution control mess.

    So you go Prius driving naves – keep drinking the liberal coolaid and feeling good about yourself in your Piss-on-us, er, Prius, all while you destroy the planet you pretend to be protecting.

    You go Woz!

  2. Ricky Bobby – the Prius pisses LESS on the planet than other cars.

    Pissing LESS doesn’t mean no piss at all.

    Obviously, your car is made from wood from trees that died naturally on your property and therefore wasn’t transported to you using planet destroying methods, right?

    Ricky Bobby needs another hobby.
    How about… Hmmmm…. Piss up a rope?

  3. The Prius does indeed do more damage to the environment than a conventional car, due to the battery need (and the damage to the environment in making them – and the amount of energy resources use to make them) and the horrific lifespan of the vehicle 100k, all topped off with no way to recycle the batteries in any sort of environmental manner.

    Prius Pisses more.

    I am simply saying, go get yourself a 4 banger or V-6 or V-8 and have at it, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that owning a Prius is saving the planet – far from it – you just want to feel good, regardless of the realities.

    Now you all know, and are no longer fooled by Tree-Hugger and Toyota marketing goons.

    This information comes from:
    – The Recorder and London Mail reporter, Martin Delagado, assisted by the University of Central Connecticut’s Chris Demorro.

    It wasn’t rocket science to dig this information up, it is just a complete lack of any critical thinking on behalf of sheep-like consumers – you know – the kind that continue to buy Windoze boxes…

  4. Woz, you left Apple many many years ago..

    Stop trying to ride the wave of Apple’s recent re-emergence, stop being a media whore and stop trying to be famous like Steve Jobs.

    You did something cool in your life in the early eighties, you left it all behind and disappeared quickly with the few bucks you made from it….. We really don’t care anymore.

    So stop milking the media and Apple’s success and do something insanely great if you really want to be adored again.

  5. Funny, he gets a Prius to show how green he is then drives it way to fast so it wastes a lot of gas. Hybrids are best going slow in stop and go traffic. They are just as bad or even worse gas pigs at higher speeds (35 mph) and above.

    As well, we need to get out of our cars to show some leadership for the rest of the world. In India, a company just announced a $2,500 car. If a large number of people in India start driving these things, we are all screwed.

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