iPhone unlocking Steve Jobs’ master plan?

“To say that Apple has too much to lose in allowing iPhones to be hacked [unlocked from AT&T] is a severe misconception,” Don Reisinger blogs for CNET.

“The rationale for that viewpoint seems to make sense: Apple is getting a cut of every service plan, and with millions of users, the revenue benefits are nothing to scoff at. But what it loses sight of is Apple’s real intention,” Reisinger writes.

Steve Jobs “knew that by making the iPhone exclusive, he was losing out on a significant market of people both home and abroad and his vision for the future of Apple included those that were left out. But alas, the exclusivity deal wasn’t that hard to swallow. He, like all of us, knew that people would immediately start to hack the iPhone and unlock it for use on T-Mobile and other services abroad. And once that happened, the benefits could far outweigh the costs of such a hack,” Reisinger writes.

“Apple can’t stop anyone from unlocking a cell phone, and to be honest, I don’t think it really cares,” Reisinger writes. “Apple is playing this recent iPhone unlocking news perfectly. If it overreacted and stopped the hack, it could stymie its future revenue gains, but if it endorses such a maneuver, it effectively leaves AT&T out to dry. Isn’t it ironic that AT&T lawyers went knocking on the doors of the hackers while Apple lawyers sipped tea at home?”

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It’s long been obvious to most that iPhone would be unlocked; it was just a matter of time. So, of course, Jobs knew, after all, he’s like Josh Waitzkin on steroids: so many moves ahead it’s scary. Whether Jobs wants an unlocked iPhone or not, only he could say, but watching him toy with doofuses like Microsoft’s Ballmer, Verizon’s Denny Strigl, Real’s Glaser, et al. is so fun it borders on the criminal.


  1. Be good to research the agreement that apple and at&t made to begin with.. perhaps there is a fine print in the deal that at&t didnt see. By letting the hackers unlock the iPhone and use them on other network would maybe prompt the other companies to sign on the deal with apple?

  2. Like I said earlier today, I don’t think Apple cares because an iPhone sale is an iPhone sale.

    But is Job’s hoping the phone gets cracked to run everywhere and anywhere? Maybe not, but it does fit in with an attempt to break the back of telcos telling customers what they need and want.

    US citizens and to a similar degree, Canadian citizens cede way too much power to corporations, and allow them way too much influence.

  3. Isn’t it ironic that AT&T lawyers went knocking on the doors of the hackers while Apple lawyers sipped tea at home?

    This Don Reisinger blogger knows little about what goes on behind Apple’s doors. Just because he can hit “Publish” on his blog software and have the word “CNET” appear somewhere on the page does not mean he has any better grasp on the situation than you or I.

    In actuality, if Apple and AT&T are working “together” on this, why would they need to send two sets of lawyers, when one would be enough? Or perhaps if we had seen Apple’s lawyers on the case and AT&Ts; sitting back supposedly sipping tea, then might we draw some other equally obscure conclusion like AT&T is thinking of buying T-Mobile anyway so what to they care.’

    You get my point, I hope. This guy has no clue. And neither do I.

  4. I think apple will fullfil their agreement with at&t…. and stop the hacks from go forth. If apple didn’t care, why they suggest their firm. If apple doesn’t stop this hack, and back stab AT&T…. what future companies would work with apple. Which foreign carriers would want to do business with apple if this hack goes on. right now, companies want to work with apple bacause they want to not force like MS or IBM….

    The reason I think highly of steve job… the way he does business. if you dont’ want to develop software for apple then apple will do it… etc… but we will do it better…

    this from CNET which HATES APPLE….CNET always trash talk on apple….

  5. Considering that unlocking the iPhone helps very little in the USA, I don’t see Steve Jobs behind this. And I thought that it was illegal to have locked phones in Europe anyway. So because of the sorry state of cellular networks in the USA, unlocking the iPhone is a complete waste of time.

  6. “OK, that’s cleared. Now could we get someone to tell us Steve’s master plan on the rapidly falling AAPL?”

    The stock has just pretty much corrected with the overall market. The fundamentals are still the same, and are strong, the housing subprime bubble has weighed on AAPL more than AAPL has by itself.

    Still looks strong I think. If Apple were stumbling I’d be worried but they aren’t, they are firing on all cylinders.

  7. Interesting, very interesting. I seem to recall Mr. Jobs knows about unlocking phones, having once upton a time helped device a magic box and hack work-around so people could avoid long-distance charges.

  8. @Buy or Sell

    You need a window office. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> There’s a credit meltdown outside, the housing market is just beginning to crash, the DOW dropped 280 points TODAY, dogs and cats are sleeping together, morons are frivelously suing Apple for common-knowledge “lock-in” to one carrier, glossy iMac screens are blinding people, …..

    Apple has over $12 BILLION cash in the bank and NO debt. And numerous product announcements days or weeks away that everyone’s foaming at the mouth to hear about. Wash, rinse and repeat for the next five years.

    For me, accumulate AAPL on dips like this. Take profits on upswings if you’re comfortable with that. Good luck!

    MW= “building”, as in wealth.

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