Former employees arrested in Apple facility burglary attempt (with mug shots)

Detectives from the Elk Grove Police Department (California) arrested two former Apple Computer employees, Dominic Aguilar, 31, and Richard Mejia, 36, in connection with a conspiracy to burglarize Apple Computer located at 2911 Laguna Boulevard.

Detectives received information that a burglary would take place on Sunday, August 26, 2007. Detectives were able to contact Apple Computer and with the assistance of their corporate security, began a surveillance of the business.

On Sunday at 2:30 a.m., Detectives observed Dominic Aguilar and Richard Mejia gain access to Apple Computer grounds by cutting a hole in an exterior chain link fence. Once both suspects made their way onto Apple Computer property, they attempted to forcibly enter an exterior door to the business. The suspects were unsuccessful in their attempt and fled the area when Detectives approached. The suspects fled on foot into a nearby creek in an attempt to escape.

The Elk Grove Police Department began a systematic search for the suspects utilizing Elk Grove Officers, Elk Grove Police K-9 Units and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department helicopter. Both suspects were eventually located and arrested for 182 Penal Code (Conspiracy) and 664/459 Penal Code (Attempted Burglary).

Source: Elk Grove Police Department

The non-dynamic duo.


  1. MDN,
    I just had to look once I saw “with mugshots” in the title.

    Why do celebrities (and these fools to an extent) look like total crap in every mugshot. Nick Nolte or Mel Gibson anyone?

  2. Holy Crap! I was good friends with Dominic’s family. They use to babysit me when I was a little kid. We we still friends up until a months ago when his cousin welched on a $2500 loan from us. I guess it runs in the family.

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