Symantec: Macs just as vulnerable to viruses as Windows

“Apple Macs running the Mac OS X operating system are just as vulnerable to viruses and other threats as Windows PCs are. That’s according to Symantec software architect Ollie Whitehouse,” James Rivington reports for

“‘Apple has been demonstrated to suffer a number of vulnerabilities over the years,’ he said. ‘Suffice to say that Symantec and other software security vendors do produce anti-virus software for the Mac because we believe there is the potential of a problem,'” Rivington reports.

Full load here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MT” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: FUD scare tactics to try to sell anti-virus software to Mac users. Your act got old years ago, Symantec. Please see related articles below.


  1. Bah, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,hah… Yea, then why are there absolutely NONE Symantec? ,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,FUD,,FUD,FUD,FUDFUD.

  2. “Apple does have a relatively good track record . . .”

    Relative to what? What a stupid statement.

    Ollie Whitehouse should put up or shut up. Produce a virus and prove that OS X is in imminent danger. Not theory or vulnerability. Compromised computers running Mac OS X 10.4.10.

    Greedy dumbasses.

  3. “Partly because if I sent out a million emails with a malicious attachment and it’s an executable for Windows there’s a good chance that a large proportion of those that receive it will be Windows users. To locate and target a lot of Apple Mac users is actually relatively hard.”

    I suppose its hard cause we are smarter and we think before we click emails?

    Granted you may have a minor point but I find that whenever I need help concerning my MAC there is always a fellow apple user that can not only help but also provide tips on how to improve, and that is priceless.

    By the way “help and improve” does not mean “wipe clean and reinstall”

    MW: Morning as in its a nice one!

  4. First they say the Mac is “just” as vulnerable, then they say there is the “potential” for a problem. If the Mac is just as vulnerable, why aren’t there thousands of viruses out there for the Mac, just like there are for the PC? Why aren’t Mac’s slowed and crippled not by the viruses themselves, but by the presence of all that virus software and anti-malware software?

    Let’s see, if I had a software company that wrote antivirus software what sort of things might I do or say to scare people and increase business, especially given Apple’s ubiquitous presence in the news lately?

    I have had Virusbarrier X4—rated as Macworld’s favorite virus detection program a while back—on my Macintosh (a G4 400) for about eight months now and never has it found even a single virus – neither a system virus or a Microsoft Office virus.

    As with any news, you have to take it from where it comes.

  5. My Mac got a virus once. I think it was about 1986. I used to download games and files from BBS systems on my Mac Plus using my 1200 baud modem. I think it was called nvir. It didn’t do anything to my computer. It put a picture on my screen of the grim reaper and said that I was infected. I was on OS 6, I think.

    That may be all that Symantec is protecting us from.

  6. Yeah, sure! Symantec is known to produce high quality software that is always compatible to the newest operation system versions (irony off).
    Putting antivirus on a Mac is like wearing a seatbelt in the drive-in theatre.

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