Parallels announces Desktop 3.0 for Mac Feature Update Beta2

Parallels has announced Beta2 of the new Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Feature Update. This update will include several enew features and enhancements requested by the Parallels community. When available, this update will be FREE to existing Parallels Desktop 3.0 customers.

Parallels Desktop for Mac enables you to run Windows, Linux, and more side-by-side with Mac OS X on any Intel-powered Mac, without rebooting.

Beta2 includes:
• Major enhancements to the look and feel of Windows programs in Coherence
• Coherence support for Exposé and Transparent Windows
• Support for overlapping several Windows and Mac windows in Coherence
• Ability to silently boot into Coherence mode
• Linux PC and virtual machine migration to your Mac using Transporter
• Ability to change your VM’s disk format using the updated Parallels Image Tool
• Ability to change Sound Devices ‘on the fly’
• Windows iTunes can connect to your iPhone
• Ability to use your Mac desktop and Documents/Pictures/Music folders as Desktop and My Documents/My Pictures/My Music in Windows
• Ability to automatically map and access the Shared Folders using Windows drive
• Significant improvements to CPU usage, overall performance, and memory management. Beta2 now has support for more than 4 GB of RAM for multiple virtual machines!

More info here.


  1. Just get Fusion and you already have all of that, it is tested and runs much faster using less resources. I used Parallels until Fusion was announced. I won’t go back.

  2. I am quite frustrated with Parallels. Their product works great… its just that I feel less than satisfied with the fact that I bought a beta version – they updated the beta once, and then all of a sudden they are releasing version 3.0 “feature beta” and charging for it… Does Parallels ever plan to actually release a real live 2.0 or 3.0 version or do they just plan to skip around to the next “feature beta” and charge for it again. I guess I would not mind so much if they would just announce that this software is being sold for an annual subscription of 40 dollars or whaterver they plan to charge… but the current lack of clarity makes me feel like I have bought software from an unstable company.

  3. Parallels may be a little confused about their versioning scheme, but the performance of their software leaves very little to be desired. Parallels is an excellent, very stable product that does exactly what it claims to do without missing a beat. Cheap at twice the price, if you ask me.

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