Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has admitted to being caught speeding in his Toyota Prius. Woz was ticketd by CHiPs for going 104 mph on California’s Interstate 5.

“All right Al Gore III, you’re still the tops when it comes to speeding in a Prius – but not by much. Steve Wozniak is right behind you,” Gary Richards reports for The Mercury News.

“‘I pleaded guilty, with an explanation,’ Wozniak said in one of several e-mails exchanged the past few days. ‘I said that I was really scientific, and in the last year had been in Athens, Moscow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich (twice), Zurich, Canada (three times), Columbia, Singapore, Japan, London, etc., and had gotten used to kilometer speeds.’ The judge smiled. But he didn’t buy it. The fine was about $700,” Richards reports.

Woz “owns Hummers and hybrids. No, green-only, Birkenstock-loving guy,” Richards reports.

“Wozniak says he is sorry and that he has reformed his driving habits,” Richards reports. “‘Since then, as I told the judge, I’d driven to L.A. a few times, to San Diego and to Las Vegas, all at the speed limit,’ said Wozniak, who has owned eight of the Toyota hybrids.”

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