Samsung debuts 160GB Apple iPod-sized drive

Samsung today announced that its new 160GB 1.8-inch Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are playing a dominant role in IT and consumer product companies which are building new multimedia products built around the 1.8inch HDD storage medium, which is smaller than a business card but packs 160 GB capacity at 4200 RPM.

“The 1.8inch HDD market will grow at a tremendous pace with annual sales expected to increase up to 65% by 2010 as consumers demand smaller, more compact technology devices,” states Andrew Higginbotham, director of hard drive sales and marketing, Samsung Semiconductor Inc., in the press release. “Samsung is leading the pack with its new Spinpoint N2 Series drives that offer a best-in-class combination of reliability, capacity, performance, and value.”

The 1.8” HDD has gained momentum from the mobile consumer markets as the storage medium of choice by providing high volume solutions at the most economical price points. Devices such as Apple iPods are using the 1.8” HDD as the storage medium to support music files, video and Internet access.

Recently, Samsung Electronics unveiled its Spinpoint N2 Series, the first 1.8” HDD to offer the ultra high 160GB capacity. Taking the mobile storage market to new heights, the Spinpoint N2 has the capacity to store more than 40,000 MP3 files or 100 HD quality movies.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s current iPod with a 1.8” HDD tops out at 80GB.


  1. bushsucks … you know something the rest of us don’t? “Flash” is many things, but it is not less expensive than HDs. Nor is it as compact. My 30GB iPod is barely half-full, and even that is a lot of tunes, but I can think of other uses for an extra 130GB – can you say “backup”?

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast – now featuring The Playwright’s Dilemma

    (the .sig has been gone for a bit – I’ve had nothing to say)

  2. I’m guessing we will in fact still see HD based video iPods. How about a hybrid with at least 8gb flash and 160HD offering playback run times in excesses 10 hours between charges. 20 plus hours would be awesome so it would play all weekend or last for an entire short trip without recharging. Stores your library but caches entire playlists or movies and runs as a solid state devices in play mode.

    Best of both worlds. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. Don’t want to sound harsh, so I won’t.

    I’ll just say in my opinion the people who think flash is going to replace hard drives any time soon (bushsucks) are mistaken. Think about it for a second before you spout off. People’s media libraries are getting bigger. More songs, more tv shows, more movies. People want more storage, not less. Since when do we ever downsize anything? Once you have 80 GB you won’t be satisfied with a 32 GB flash iPod. Sorry, you just won’t. I don’t care what the battery life is. And flash is much more expensive (at the moment).

    Will flash eventually take over for hard drives? Probably some day. But I’m talking about the next gen iPod, maybe a gen after that.

    All these people are so excited about flash based players. Don’t get your hopes up, that’s what I say.

  4. Going all Flash makes no sense when your latest initiatives are in video. Plus part of the secret sauce of Apple’s ipod business has always been to cover the entire range.

    My only inside knowledge is that if Apple were to abandon the high capacity market (by which I mean highest affordable capacities– which was once 40G but is now clearly 160G), I’d have reason to look elsewhere.

    Other reasons for higher capacity include re-ripping as lossless… which really means ONLY CD quality–why BETTER than CD quality in the future.

    In short, some of us can never have too much storage.

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