Apple to celebrate grand opening of Glasgow Apple Retail Store on August 25th

Apple will hold the Grand Opening celebration for their newest retail store, Apple Store, Buchanan Street in Glasgow, Scotland.

To celebrate the Grand Opening, Apple will be featuring a sweepstakes and a variety of presentations, demos and workshops — all free of charge.

The first 1,500 people through the doors on August 25th will receive a free Apple T-shirt.

Visitors can also enter the Grand Opening Sweepstake to win a Digital Lifestyle Collection that includes a 13-inch black MacBook and a silver 4GB iPod nano.

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  1. Achh!…. For ANY grand opening on the 25th of August in Scotland, Edinborough should have been the location. After all, it was in Edinborough on the 25th of August, 1930 that saw the birth of Scotland’s national treasure, Sir Sean Connery!

  2. I walk past the store every morning to get the Magicbus to work. Yesterday morning they were humping in what looked to be a piece of front desk. I could see the genius bar upstairs on the mezzanine.

    The giant grey Apple logo is proudly hanging from the portico. Went past it half an hour ago and the workies were all over it again.

    Gahd I’m so excited. Do they do Education discount through the store? What a day next Saturday will be: visit the store and then off to Paradise to see Celtic beat the Jam Farts.

    Magic word: play…. I intend to brothers and sisters.

  3. @ Lord Robin…

    “I wonder if Sean Connery uses a Mac. Doesn’t matter. He’s still one of the best actors ever.”

    Oh yeah, because that work he did in Robin Hood – Prince of Theives as an english King James with a scottish accent was riveting. He really stretched his acting skills there didn’t he?

  4. The apple sign was lit up this morning when I passed by. The day is getting closer when Glasgow joins the community of great cities.

    I must visit Edinburgh’s store soon…. what’s that you say… unimportant… inferior… gotcha

  5. Learn to spell Edinburgh and you might get some where in life.
    Glasgow is indeed miles better and Apple know that. Harvey Nich’s however…………

    Is Sean Connery classed as Scottish now? Thought he was a lothian boy that supports and advertised Japanese whisky?

    Hmm, seems I have been away from the city too long.
    I’ll pop back for the Apple store though.

    peace to all my Glesgae buddies!

  6. Yes Aipple, my error… and apologies for the slip-up!
    But, even spelling it the way I did, I know I will get somewhere in life…. without wondering what on earth is “where” exactly? …and why would I only want to get some, and not a lot? ;O)

  7. The line break in the textbox split ‘somewhere’ for me.
    Why did Glasgow get Rangers and Edinburgh get Aids?

    Because Edinburgh had first choice.

    Ah, the old ones are indeed the oldest.

    Don’t talk about getting a life, do it.
    If your life consists of slating Glasgow and loving Sean Connery you are welcome to it.

    Choosing Glasgow was a no brainer, get over it. Hibs and Hearts are both looking good.

    Good night and God bless.

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