Survey: Apple iPhone nabs unprecedented 92% satisfaction rating (plus likes and dislikes)

“Carton and Jim Woods report of 74 Apple iPhone owners are in, including what these early adopters liked best and disliked most about the new multifunctional device. We also asked 3,000 non-owners about their future cellular purchase plans,” Paul Carton and Jim Woods report for ChangeWave.

“The Alliance survey was conducted July 18-25, 2007, less than a month after the iPhone’s release, and the findings are good news for Steve Jobs and company,” Carton and Jim Woods report.

“Seventy-seven percent of Alliance members who own an iPhone reported that they are very satisfied with the device, and another 15% said they are somewhat satisfied, for a combined 92% satisfaction rating — the best we’ve seen for a cellular phone device,” Carton and Jim Woods report.

“To put this in perspective, in our most recent consumer cell phone survey, we also received satisfaction ratings on the other leading cell phone manufacturers, and the closest competitors to the Apple iPhone in terms of customer satisfaction were Research In Motion — 50% said they were very satisfied — and Sanyo — 48% said they were very satisfied,” Carton and Woods report.

What did iPhone owners like best about their iPhone? 66-percent chose “integration of cell phone, iPod, and Internet browser.”

What did iPhone owners dislike the most? 35-percent chose “speed of AT&T’s EDGE network.” (Big surprise.)

Carton and Woods report, “When we asked about additional iPhone features they’d like to have, owners pointed to voice recognition (15%) as the No. 1 thing missing from their iPhone, followed by personalizing features (13%) and GPS (13%).”

Carton and Woods report, “In one of the most positive overall survey findings, 89% of owners said they would recommend the Apple device to a friend or colleague.”

More info, likes, and dislikes in the full article here.


  1. @Chris,

    I disagree.

    I think Apple made a “Hit and Miss” with the iPhone.

    The Hit was the GUI, multitouch and the design. It’s simply amazing.

    However, they “Missed” with some of the very basic functions that people have come to expect from a cell phone.

    As a self professed “Geek,” I can forgive what they missed because I know that this is a 1.0 product and these functions will be added easily enough over time.

    But I think that though ordinary consumers may be wowed initially with the interface, they will be less forgiving about not being able to do some of the things they’re become accustomed to doing on much lesser devices. Not matter how revolutionary the GUI is. A lot of the great things go unnoticed and are under appreciated by average consumers if they can’t do things like Copy/Paste, MMS, video capture, etc.. etc.. etc..

  2. The iphone was a complete HIT!! Mac or not, I suspect the only people that don’t like it either never tried one or just hate ANYTHING from Apple…..they are out there and they know who they are. The best part about the iPhone is that it is easy to update via software. I would be very surprised if Garmin etc were not making a GPS base to link to Google Maps….if they aren’t they should be. It is the wave of the future and for a first attempt it is REMARKABLE! It makes my Treo look like something somebody glued and taped together in their garage.


  3. I bought my first Mac on the day they came out, January 24, 1984, and have had about 50 Macs since. I also seem to own one of everything else Apple makes including a wad of shares. And yet, even though I bought an iPhone on Saturday morning (the morning after – I’m not that crazy), I started out disliking the device. It seemed cramped. Like “Honey, I shrank the Laptop.”

    As time has passed, it’s grown on me.

    Just another perspective.

    I suspect it will be remembered as an “inflection point” device, changing forever expectations.

  4. >Jim wrote: I suspect the only people that don’t like it either never tried one or just hate ANYTHING from Apple

    Your suspicions are completely misguided.

    It’s not in the rulebooks that you have to like absolutely everything Apple does.

  5. “It’s not in the rulebooks that you have to like absolutely everything Apple does.”

    Attention, MPC Guy.
    Please report immediately to the closest Apple Store for a mandatory rulebook trade-in. Your cooperation is appreciated and only casually monitored. Thank you.

  6. DUH!!!

    92% of people who already own a iPhone.

    These 92% were people who investigated the device BEFORE buying so they KNEW about:

    1: Lousy Edge Network

    2: No GPS

    3: AT&T lockin

    4: Non-user replaceable battery.

    and so on.

    A BETTER survey would be the reasons WHY PEOPLE DIDN’T PICK A IPHONE.

  7. 100.6% of iPhones are sold to the Geek Base. This is guaranteed and you can stamp it in wax and add a gold seal. Do not question this statement because you will be X% wrong. You DO NOT want that to happen.

  8. @ Skewed?

    > No, Apple sold 270,000 iPhones in the first two days.

    I said the first 2.25 days. That’s 6 hours on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Since Apple has NOT released sales for Sunday, my number of half a million is as valid as any. Besides, this survey was NOT taken after the first two days. It was taken after the first month. By that time, Apple had sold far more than half a million iPhones. If you think mostly Mac users and Apple fans bought it by that time, you’re crazy…

    Regardless of the actual number of satisfied customers, it is clear that overall reaction to the iPhone has been far superior to other devices of its type.

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