Adobe set to take plunge into office apps? (Should Apple buy Adobe?)

“When considering what your spreadsheets and documents might look like on the always-on desktop of the future, don’t leave Adobe out of the picture,; Michael Calore reports for Wired.

“The software maker famous for Flash and Photoshop is poised to take the plunge into the lucrative world of office applications. It may sound far-fetched at first, but the stage is set for Adobe to flex its muscle in the office-app arena. The company already has a strong presence in business software with its Acrobat suite of products and interest in its new platform for web-enabled applications that run on the desktop is rising quickly,” Calore reports.

Calore reports, “According to Adobe group manager for platform evangelism, Mike Downey, it wouldn’t be outlandish to predict the company throws its hat into the ring soon. ‘Though we have not yet announced any intentions to move into the office-productivity software market,’ he says, ‘considering we have built this platform that makes it easy to build rich applications that run on both the desktop and the browser, I certainly wouldn’t rule anything like that out.'”

Calore reports, “Microsoft all but owns the space right now — its Office suite consisting of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook is the die-hard first choice of the corporate world — but Redmond has been slow to react to the growing popularity of web apps and alternatives to its stable of dinosaurs.”

Full article here.

Yet another reason why Apple should buy Adobe – beyond acquiring Photoshop et al. and eliminating Windows support, of course (as Apple did with Shake). wink There’s nothing like a nice hostile takeover to spice up the autumn season.

[UPDATE: 6:30pm EDT: Looks like CNET’s Matt Asay agrees, “The only thing better would be if Adobe, Apple, and OpenOffice could get together. Open source plus two of the most innovative makers of software in the industry…I’m salivating. (In fact, don’t you think that it makes a lot of sense for Apple to acquire Adobe, given the similar corporate mentalities/competencies? Me, too.) …Microsoft should be very concerned.” Full article via CNET News Blog here.]


  1. This is a rare case where I disagree with MDN’s take. Squandering Apple’s billions to purchase Adobe would be contrary to stockholder interest. The only justification for such a move is if they could create more value for their bottom line than other available opportunities. There’s simply no way such a move would pay. And MDN wants to sacrifice profits on the table by going Mac only?

    mw: sense – as in, it wouldn’t make any

  2. Apple can’t even perfect their own software as it is now.

    Open Source components of Mac OS X are not being updated on our machines no where nearly fast enough.

    So all a hacker has to do is look at the list of Open Source exploits and apply to Mac OS X.

    Ok, right, Apple gets all of Adobe’s programmers so it’s another ball game., right? Well if Apple gets into the DP market, they will naturally have to “reinvent” the DP software because Adobe has lost all innovation. So that innovation will of course have to come from Apple software designers.

    And they are not doing very well right now as it is.

    So why should Apple, a proven innovate software company, even bother to buy the BAGGAGE of Adobe? They certainly don’t need them.

    The only reason Apple will have to buy Adobe is to get them out of the competitve market.

    M$ will react violently. Also Apple will appear to be even more of a monopoly than it already is.

    Remember Apple is a hardware and a software lockin.

    With Windows, it’s only a OS lockin. As the OS can be put on any PC machine from many manufactors, including the software.

    So is it a good idea for Apple to buy Adobe? No.

    It would be a good idea for Apple to produce it’s own DP software.

  3. Apple acquiring Adobe is Redmond-thinking. We’ve had enough of that, I think.

    Adobe needs to de-program itself (emotionally, I mean). It’s like the whole market-share issue–nobody needs to “kill” anybody, just learn to play nice and coexist. There’s room enough for all, if the Beastmaster can just be made to sit time-out.

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