New Apple iMac dissection photos

KODAWARISAN has done it again!

There is much aluminum and glass to be seen in KODAWARISAN’s take-apart photos of Apple’s all-new iMac.

See the photos here.
Mirror here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mitsunobu” for the heads up.]


  1. Just wanted to say that after seeing the new iMac in person, I’m pulling back from my initial butt-ugly assessment. It’s really elegant, but will take some getting use to. I have never liked aluminum, but I can see how nicely the design blends with other electronics, especially TVs. When you think of it that way, the design makes a lot more sense. The new iMac is really elegant in person. Check it out.

  2. “anyone know if upgrading RAM or a hard drive is “user friendly” on this thing? ~ Thank”

    According to Apple, ram can be accessed by removing a panel held in place by a single screw on the bottom.

    As for the harddrive, I think casual do-ityourselfers are out of luck if the pics at Kodawarisan are any indication.

  3. @iMaki:

    I always thought the white iMac stuck out like sore thumb in any environment I saw it in, and had a very feminine, unprofessional look to it. This new iMac would be a computer any man would be proud to have on his desk.

    Metal is always better than plastic.

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