Apple offers iMovie HD 6 for free to iLife ‘08 owners

Apple has released iMovie HD 6, which was previously distributed with iLife ’06, as a free download for those who have purchased and installed iLife ’08.

The minimum requirements for iMovie HD 6 are:
• A Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G4, G5, or Intel Core processor
• 256 MB of RAM; 512 MB recommended
• High definition video requires a 1 GHz G4 processor or faster and 512 MB of RAM
• Mac OS X 10.3.9 or Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later; Mac OS X 10.4.4 recommended
• Mac OS X 10.4.4 (or later) required for themes, real-time video effects, and audio effects
• iLife ’08

More info and download link (154.6 MB) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Michael” and “neo” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Yesterday we reported that Apple’s new iMovie application lacks support for G4 Macs, so this helps G4 Mac owners who’d like the rest of iLife ’08 (iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb).


  1. That’s awesome for 2 reasons…

    1.) People with G4’s who didn’t get iLife ’06 (though I can’t imagine there are many) won’t get assed out of iMovie if they buy ’08.

    2.) People on current computers who are more comfortable with a time-line editing approach don’t have to ditch it if they don’t want to.

    Either way, stuff like this demonstrates that Apple really does listen to the needs of it’s users.

  2. imovie 8 is awesome

    imovie 6 has a large user base that is unhappy with the new program

    I am not in that camp at all

    I love the new program and find it to be one of the best video editors for speed and easy of use I have ever seen

    Great job Apple

  3. It also indicates that apple *may* have dropped the ball with iLife ’08.

    I like the new iPhoto, for instance, but editing photos in full-screen mode on my 1.8 GHz iMac G5 is a painful experience, at best.

    MW: Military = also a painful experience…

  4. Screw that, how about 20 bucks back for an app that won’t install.

    If you paid Microsoft full price for Office 2007 for your 1.5 year old laptop, but it wouldn’t install Word until you bought a new (Microsoft) laptop, there’d be a 3 page thread here nailing them to the cross.

    Apple SUCKS on this one.

  5. @wake:

    The G4 chip is 6 years old now, it’s not like macs only bought 18 months ago won’t work with the new iMovie, because they will, and older ones than that

    vista and office 2007 on the other hand…….

  6. “MacDailyNews Note: Yesterday we reported that Apple’s new iMovie application lacks support for G4 Macs, so this helps G4 Mac owners who’d like the rest of iLife ’08 (iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb).”

    I wonder what your MDN Note/Take would be if MS released software that didn’t run on Vista? Probably wouldn’t have used a term as sugar-coated and disarming as “lacks support” I bet.

    I’m long AAPL stock (and up big overall, but have taken a beating since earnings) but the hypocrisy, arrogance, and attitude of this site nauseates me.

  7. A G4 Mac mini I have is little over two years old, it runs iMovie 5 which is what it came with just fine. Do I expect the new iMovie to run on it, hell no. Would I want to wait while the processor struggled, hell no.

    I also use a G4 Sawtooth 400MHz (2000) which runs Photoshop 3 (1995) in OS 9.1 just great and super fast.

  8. That is totally uncool of Apple to not support G4 Macs with the new iMovie… this makes me less excited about buying the iLife/iWork ’08 suites this year since most of my machines are G4 equipped.

  9. iMovie 08 it’s probably Apple’s biggest flop in the latest 7 years. It’s a feature cut period. iMovie 08 has a nice potential and skimming is great. Beyond that, and probably the new interface, everything fails. We cannot change transitions parameters, text is less flexible than in 06, ken burn effects is awkwardly linked to the crop tool and not easily accessible, it’s not possible to manage sound fade effects, it’s impossible to use video effects and so on and so on. I’m wondering what MDN would say if Micro$oft would pull out such a flop. The other apps seem to be ok and, concerning to iWork, the history it’s completely different. iWork 08 it’s an outstanding upgrade.

  10. Scratch the “Macs have longer useful lives than PCs do” drivel. My 3 year old Dell work laptop runs Vista Aero and Office 2007 just fine. And even if it couldn’t, it wouldn’t refuse to install… I just wouldn’t get desktop effects.
    Meanwhile, open your wallet wide cause your leader has determined for you that its time to buy a new computer by refusing to install software on it! But here’s a link to the old app you already had, how gratuitous!!! Carry on, sheep.

  11. @Mark

    Going from PPC to Intel was a Major hardware switchover, one the rest of the PC industry has not gone through in recent history especially windows machines. The G4 is old and very different hardware. The fact that it won’t run on a G4 is not as crazy or ridiculous as you are implying, with a little logic applied, it is fair enough to recognize why it is not supported.

    Your Vista comparison it not valid in my book. Maybe your messed up logic is the true cause of your nausea?

    MW: “Makes”. Your argument makes no sense!

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