So, where are those Mac gaming titles that Electronic Arts promised?

“In June, Electronic Arts co-founder and chief creative officer Bing Gordon took the stage with Apple CEO Steve Jobs during the Worldwide Developers conference (WWDC), announcing that the game maker was moving staff members over to the Mac platform to once again release gaming titles for Mac OS X,” MacNN reports.

“Gordon promised that the first titles to ship for Macs would include Command & Conquer 3, Battlefield 2142, Need for Speed Carbon, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and that those titles would ship in July. It’s now more than a week into August, and none of the promised titles have arrived, nor has Electronic Arts made any announcements on the subject,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: EA currently remains mum on the situation. Our attempts to find out fro EA have gone unanswered just like MacNN’s. So, what’s the deal?

Apple’s Website has feature on EA Games returning to the Mac in which all of the games are listed as “coming soon.”

More info from Apple on games for the Mac and iPod can be found here.


  1. Only 1000 copies of each game will sell anyway. So what’s the point? Apple is guaranteeing with each successive product launch that gaming is not important except on a $3000 computer. By putting last gen graphics in a non-upgradeable computer you’re dooming you customers to irrelevancy.

  2. @ NSFY: Hope you like your market-share ceiling. You’ll be hitting it soon. Are you listening to all the people who are still using G4 towers? Reason to upgrade before iLife ’08: very little. Oh darn, iLife ’08 doesn’t support G4’s. Guess I need a new computer.

  3. hehe, and by the time 2142 comes out on the Mac no one will be playing it. So you’ll have 8 people at a time to play with… Just kidding, but seriously, Need For Speed Pro Street will be out by the time NFS Carbon is released on the Mac. So… uh… look it’s pointless. The big Steve says it’s an all-in-one low-end GPU world. So suck it!

  4. At raskol:

    Before you vent, do your research. Even my old G5 iMac doesn’t have integrated graphics.

    The Intel Macs do much better than that.

    But even my Macbook (which does have integrated graphics) can do the Vista Aero Aqua rip-off, which a slew of PCs can’t.

  5. @ midwest, by integrated I mean not upgradeable. Boy, and I mean boy, I’ll wipe the floor with you if you’d like to compare research. You’re iMac G5 has what? and ATI 9600?
    You think I’m not an Apple user?

    You want to see you current HOT CPU options?

    Apple fanboys always compare Macs to off the shelf HP/Compaq junk. NOBODY uses those PCs to do any serious gaming. Those are computers for suckers. Power-users build their own PCs.

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