MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews server upgrades tonight

MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews will be undergoing a significant server upgrade tonight to a custom-designed load-balanced dedicated web serving solution created by our preferred web host, EngineHosting.

As you probably know, the site has been sluggish lately as visits to our sites continue to grow. During recent Apple events, and even during “regular” days, the sites have been virtually inaccessible at times, so the upgrade is in order – especially with the Apple event scheduled for tomorrow at 10am PDT! (While we like to live dangerously, we also trust our web host.)

Our host, EngineHosting, has explained that an IP address change will be necessary as we move to the new setup. As some of you may know, our sites are driven by Ellis Lab’s ExpressionEngine and we highly recommend EngineHosting for dependable, secure, high-performance web hosting with excellent customer service. They are the ExpressionEngine experts.

We expect the vast majority of visitors will see the new servers within hours as the DNS information propagates. For a small minority, it could take up to a day or so for the new IP information to propagate. It will depend on your ISP. During the changeover, visitors whose ISP’s haven’t yet incorporated the new DNS information and are still hitting the old server will see a note stating:

This site is currently offline as we migrate to our new load-balanced web servers. If you are seeing this page you are still seeing the old server location, please check back again soon!

If you see the actual MacDailyNews or iPodDailyNews web site as usual, you’re all set; you’ll already be visiting the new web servers.

Thank you for your patience during this changeover and enjoy the increase in site responsiveness!

Thank you very much for visiting and supporting MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews by spreading the word to your friends, providing reader feedback, and also for patronizing our advertisers, without whom we wouldn’t be here today.

MacDailyNews Note: As those who’ve followed our travels from server to server over the years know, MacDailyNews’ and iPodDailyNews’ current host, EngineHosting, uses servers that run Apache on Linux (Red Hat). We have also used Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and FreeBSD in the past. We probably will hit one or all of them again in the future – well, maybe not Mac OS 9. wink

Notice that we have never used a Windows-based server, nor will we ever. ‘Nix variants, when offered by a robust host with reasonable rates, are all in play, with Mac OS X, of course, being our primary choice when it’s available. This site was designed on Mac OS X, the articles are written on machines running Mac OS X and we endorse Mac OS X completely for servers and many other uses. Because we use Ellis Lab’s ExpressionEngine, we feel our best hosting choice by far is EngineHosting (we’ve been with them since the pMachine days). MacDailyNews’ host server information is, as always, publicly available via Netcraft here.


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