Apple iPhone unlocked for $96 with forged SIM?

“Hackers in Europe claim that they have completely unlocked the JesusPhone, allegedly using a SIM reader/writer and a blank SIM card to obtain full calling and SMS capabilities. Total cost: $96,” Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo.

Diaz reports, “A Hackintosh forum member has been able to test the hack in the Orange UK network.”

Just tested it – works fine with Orange UK – Call In/Out, SMS In/Out…

Diaz writes, “If the SIM forgery works those $96 seems like a very low price to buy an iPhone and have it working in your network.”

More in the full article here.


  1. Hmmmm, I just do not know what it is with people. OK, you can break into most any car with a slim jim and a few specialized tools.
    First of all, its illegal. Get caught and go to jail.
    Second, you end up having to spend years getting to know how to use the software and equipment to make it work so, its hardly free.

    en šŸ™

  2. Was only a matter of time – however, once Apple figures it out – I would bet it will be locked down with another patch. If I were selling these ‘kits’ – I would unload as many as possible before they become no use.

  3. I love seeing stuff like this. Why?

    Does anyone ever remember hackers going to this much trouble for a Blackberry, or a Treo? I don’t.

    I’m not in the market for it myself, but the fact that so many are interested, means there is strong interest for the iPhone in markets where the iPhone isn’t currently available.

  4. Just got my first AT&T bill for the jesus phone on the $60/mo plan. I went over 135 min for which they charged me (legitimately, but @ .45/min, 60.75). So I was expecting something around $155-ish.

    Surprise: $235. Why? For some reason AT&T is slipping next month’s flat charges into this month’s bill.

    So friendly.

  5. If you have an iPhone, do not use it in Europe for data. I was in Europe for 2 weeks last month and used my phone minimally for internet. I just got my bill from AT&T for $3,215.84.

    Unless you have money to burn, set your phone to check email manually and do not launch Safari.

  6. The JesusPhoneā€¦ saves you from the sins of other phones…
    I love it! hahahahaha

    I paid $15 to get a T-Mobile RAZR V3 unlocked in Bulgaria, so I’d drop $96 in a heartbeat to get one to work on T-Mobile (in the US) and Globul (in Bulgaria). I bought an unlocked Sony Ericsson so I could swap SIM cards and do essentially the same thing.

    It was only a matter of time…

  7. “First of all, its illegal. Get caught and go to jail. “

    Um, no it is not. You are allowed to unlock your own phone. You own it. You should learn about your consumer rights instead of accepting a framework set up so you can freely monitored and the data can goto the government or the highest bidder. Its an invasion of privacy. Moreover, in this hack, people do not have data access. However i suspect wifi works just fine, which is pretty plentiful in most european cities.


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