Taiwan component suppliers: No iPhone production cutbacks

Recent rumors that Apple has cut production of its iPhone are false.

“Taiwan component suppliers for the iPhone have said they are not seeing any reduction in orders from Apple,” Kung-Tien Huang and Esther Lam report for DIGITIMES.

“Sources at Taiwan-based component makers have said iPhone shipments schedules are still on track as before these developments,” Huang and Lam report.

Full article here.


  1. This definitely seems to me like an attempt to drive the price of Apple down.
    It will be interesting to see if the SEC will look to see who profited from this rumor that was spread throughout the market.

    Someone who shorted the stock had to do well with this unfounded rumor.

  2. There really needs to be an investigation by the SEC. This was pretty obviously a concerted effort to suppress AAPL’s price which damaged both Apple and its stockholders. Unleash the hounds!!!

  3. This wasn’t 8 million, it was 8 billion, and if not investigated by the SEC, then it will happen again and again and again. There are alot of big business Apple haters out there who would do anything to bring them down. After seeing that a simple rumor cost the investors 8 billion, they will cast rumor after rumor after rumor…only an investigation can alter this in the future.
    Also the sudden dip, and a temporary one at that, causes the actual investors to rethink a long-term plan with AAPL. This rumor added volatility to the definition of volatility.

  4. You must know what type of investor you are for each investment. For a company with consistently strong earnings, and a market leading reputation, like AAPL, buy & hold makes sense (to me).

    Day to day price swings are meaningless to a long-term DCA (dollar cost averaging) investor.

  5. Government pounded Apple relentlessly on unsubstantiated ‘option’ practices but this blatant manipulation of the stock by certain securities dealers will go simply unchallenged and ‘matter of fact’.
    Kind of one sided don’t you think?

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